Now in its beta-testing phase, the Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) is the newest Certification to be introduced, from the industry's leader in welding personnel certification - AWS

All applications should be mailed in or emailed to the Certification Department at at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date to allow for processing.

You should apply for this opportunity if you:

  • have experience in the production and/or fabrication of welded products using resistance welding
  • use resistance welding processes to enhance existing welded products
  • have experience designing resistance welding manufacturing systems
  • teach courses designed to instruct on resistance welding, or related technologies
  • understand the fundamentals of one or more of the applicable resistance welding processes, including:
    • spot welding
    • projection welding
    • seam welding
    • upset welding
    • resistance brazing
    • flash welding
    • resistance heating

You must meet the requirements for education and experience according to C1.5 and QC20, as requested in the exam application in order to qualify and participate in this beta test.

  • AWS QC20:2011 – Specification for AWS Certification of Resistance Welding Technicians — Purchase Now
    • The topics to be included and the weighting shall be as follows:
      Weld Equipment Setup 15 15%
      Welding Processes 20 20%
      Weld Examination 10 10%
      Definitions and Terminology 10 10%
      Symbols–Welding  5  5%
      Safety 15 15%
      Destructive Testing 10 10%
      Conversions and Calculations  5  5%
      Welding Procedures 10 10%
      TOTAL Questions 100 100%
  • Purchase C1.5:2009 – Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technicians — Purchase Now

  • The test questions shall be taken from, and answerable from, the references listed below:
    • RWMA Resistance Welding Manual, Revised 4thEdition — Purchase Now
    • RWMA Bulletin #5, Resistance Welding Control Standard — Purchase Now
    • RWMA Bulletin #14, Maintenance Manual for Resistance Welding Machines — Purchase Now
    • RWMA Bulletin #16, Resistance Welding Equipment Standards — Purchase Now
    • AWS A2.4, Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination — Purchase Now
    • Or — Buy the Resistance Welding Bundle and Save! — Click to Purchase

AWS will be conducting beta exams for this new certification program, and while there is no fee, applicants must meet the minimum program qualifications and cover their own travel expenses.  In addition to your CRWT Beta Application, you will need to submit the following: Passport Style Photo  Please choose from the existing CWI sites listed at,