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Huys Industries




Dan Mazerolle , Vice President of Sales at Huys Industries has announced the introduction of its new patents pending “Taper Tool™” shank dresser. 


This unique hand-held tool lessens gun arm taper damage from sloppy electrode installation and removal, prevents water leaks and reduces the risks of electrodes falling off.  As a result, pro-active maintenance extends the life of electrode arm tapers, reduces down-time and permits the removal and repair of gun arms during non-production hours by facilitating emergency repairs. 



The product is available in a number of sizes and configurations for American and metric sizes. 

T.J. Snow Company, Inc. 




The T. J. Snow Company's expansion completes the company's transition over the past year from its former location nearby on Jim Snow Way to its new home on Nowlin Lane.


The company expects its 12,000 square foot new building to be completed by November 2012. The new building is being attached to the company's existing climate-controlled 52,000 square foot facility adjacent to the Chattanooga Airport.




The crane-equipped warehouse will house the company's inventory of over 300 new and used resistance welders of all types.



The 70-employee company will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the Spring of 2013. 



LORS Machinery 




LORS Machinery is pleased to announce the coming addition of several new products from TECNA to its lineup.  First, the TECNA 602X Evolution Press-Type MFDC Welder with Adaptive Control to its lineup of product offerings.  Once the operator initiates the welder, the weld head drops, and the control senses the type of material, and the thickness.  The control then chooses and sets the weld parameters, and makes the weld. 


TECNA has also recently released its highly efficient, easily-integrated, and easily placed, TE850 ‘Little Spot’ weld control.  About the size of a smart phone, the TE850 is able to work with Single-Phase and Inverter machines, and can be linked in a variety of ways (PROFIBUS, DEVICENET, CANBUS, CANOPEN, ETHERCAT) to other TE850 controls (for a maximum of 127 weld controls), and all of which are capable of being controlled through a PLC. 


LORS and TECNA are also pleased to introduce the Power Plus 2500 KVA MFDC welder, perfect for projection welding of aluminum, among other things.  Drawing under 40 Amps, it is perfect for small shops.”

Fronius USA




Fronius USA New Headquarters



Fronius, one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics has moved into its new U.S. Headquarters in Portage, IN.


The move started in September of this year and will continue through Q3 of 2013. Phase 1 is now complete and included Solar Electronics division in its entirety; division neutral departments such as HR, finance and warehouse; as well as the Resistance Spot Welding Technology department. Phase 2 will consist of the Welding Repair Department as well as the Welding Technical Support Team.


A Sales and Service Team will continue to remain in the former Brighton, MI, headquarters to support its customers in the surrounding areas.

 AWS Welding Online Education



Visit AWS American Welding Online to learn more about all available online seminars, podcast, blogs, resource library and many more useful welding educational tools for today's welding professional.


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From the Field 



Every automobile and truck that is manufactured requires numerous nuts and studs welded to the frame and body for use in securing items ranging from safety devices like seat belts to mechanical sub-assemblies such as seats, doors, panels, etc.  A majority of these fasteners are either projection welded or electric arc welded.  In order to ensure the proper size, orientation, and positioning of these fasteners, manufacturers rely on a variety of detection tools and processes.  


Available to part manufacturers and OEM’s are tools such as Air Detection, Fiber Optics sensors, Linear Resistive Transducer (LRT), LVDT, Laser sensors, proximity switches, cameras, etc.  


The proper selection and programming of these tools goes a long way towards ensuring that fasteners are where they need to be and have been welded properly. If you are responsible for the quality of manufactured parts and assemblies that include welded fasteners you should consider implementing the right fastener detection tool to ensure the reliability of your assemblies.



Submitted by Dan Uszynski from CenterLine (Windsor) 


Did You Know?



Did you know that there are 146 spot welds in a U.S. military hummer’s blast resistant  seat?   


Submitted by Wade Burnette, NSRW Inc.



Fun Fact 


There are over 8,000 resistance welds in an average minivan, including spot, projection welds and resistance seam welding. It takes approximately two weeks to tear down a complete body and verify each weld.


Submitted by Don DeCorte, Roman Manufacturing




**Click on show logos for additional information




International Show


Orlando, FL

December 11-13, 2012

RWMA Committee Chairs, Directors and Representatives



Executive Committee


Chair - Wade Burnette, NSRW, Inc.


1st Vice Chair - Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc.


2nd Vice Chair -Ed Langhenry, Jr.,

Watteredge, Inc.


Immediate Past Chair - Roger Hirsch, Unitrol Electronics, Inc.


Machinery Division


Representative - Richard (Dick) Vreeland, Ewald Instruments


Alternate Representative - Edmundo Narvaez, Lors Machinery


Copper Products Division


Representative - Dan Wellman, Obara Corp., USA


Alternate Representative - Jeff Schemel, CMW Inc.


Components Division


Representative - Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor), Ltd.


Alternate Representative - Jean-Pierre Derdeyn, Techno-Control Cybernetic, Inc.


Education Committee


Chair - Tom Snow, T.J. Snow Company


Vice Chair - John Collins, Spotwelding Consultants, Inc.


Scholarship Subcommittee


Representative, Kurt Hofman, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.


Welding School Subcommittee


Chair – Don Sorenson, ENTRON Controls, LLC


Vice Chair – Mark Siehling, RoMan Manufacturing


Executive Finance Committee


Chair – Ed Langhenry, Jr., Watteredge, Inc.


Marketing Committee


Chair - Danny Thomason, Dimplex Thermal Solutions


Vice Chair – Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd.


Web Site Subcommittee  


Chair – Priyesh Dodhia, Tuffaloy Products, Inc.


Newsletter Subcommittee


Chair – Bill Brafford, Tuffaloy Products, Inc.


Membership Committee


Chair – Garret Herringdon, Southern Copper & Supply


Vice Chair – Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc.


Member Recruitment Subcommittee


Chair - Robert (Bob) Cupchak, NGK Metals


Strategic Planning Committee


Chair – Roger Hirsch, Unitrol Electronics, Inc.
























































                 Fall 2012

                                                 Volume 3- Issue 3


Message From The Chair




Dear RWMA Members,



I would like to thank everyone who attended our RWMA Regional Meeting in Dearborn,  MI. We had a total of 29 member companies represented plus guests. Keila DeMoraes, our new Committe Management Specialist, did an excellent job planning and implementing the event.  Don DeCorte provided historical and current information from the automotive industry.


The Marketing and Membership committees were able to set agendas for the FABTECH Expo in November.  In addition, the Education committee discussed providing webinars soon. We will need volunteers to assist us in the RWMA booth at FABTECH. Finally, the Elihu Thompson Resistance Welding Award will be presented at FABTECH as well. Congratulations to our 2012 recipient, Dr. Muralidhar Tumuluru.


Please mark your calendars for our Co-located Annual Meeting with WEMCO to be held at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa,  FL, February 21-23, 2013. We will have an excellent variety of speakers including Dr. Jerry Gould, Dr. Greitmann and Alan Beaulieu, as the keynote speaker. You will not want to miss this special event!


As my term comes to an end, I would like to thank everyone for  their support.


It has been a pleasure serving as your RWMA chair. I look forward to seeing you at FABTECH and at our Annual Meeting.




Wade Burnette

RWMA 2011-12 Chair




RWMA Regional Meeting - 2012 



Since the last Fall Meeting in 2009, the 2012 RWMA Regional Meeting brought  together RWMA members only at the Dearborn Inn, Sept 12-13th: two days of ongoing ideas exchange, goal setting, networking and celebration. The members present at this year's Regional Meeting were delighted to re-unite with long-time fellow committee members. 




Among other members at the reception were (left) Marketing Committee Vice Chair Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor), RWMA Vice Chair Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc., and Don Sorenson, Entron Controls, LLC.


"Great meeting this week! The AWS and Marriott staff were very caring," commented Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor). 



The RWMA Committee Chair Wade Burnette (left), NSRW, Hugh Scotchmer, Huys Electrodes, Bob Cupchak, NGK Metals and representing Southern Copper & Supply, Inc., Fred Burton. 


Hugh Scotchmer, RWMA's youngest member commented: "It was a great experience and I learned a lot! I look forward to coming to the next meeting in Florida."




Patricia Adams (left), Entron Controls, LLC. and Dan Wellman, Obara Corp., USA. 


Patricia Adams added: "The mid-year forum was a welcomed return to the RWMA’s schedule. The venue allowed for timely committee meetings and an excellent tour of the Ford Rouge plant. As always, the networking was enjoyed by old and new members."


A special thanks to Don DeCorte from Roman Manufacturing who stepped up and spoke to the group at short notice.


In his own words, his speech  covered "an overall automotive history in southeast Michigan, including some local fun facts, specifically the Dearborn Inn we were in, and its importance, along with the local geographic area that was developed in early 1900’s by Henry Ford."

The event closed with a 2-hour tour to the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant. 



Education Committee Chair, Tom Snow (right), T.J. Snow Co. and Committee's Vice Chair, John Collins, Spot Welding Consultants.


 The 2013 WEMCO-RWMA

C0-Located Annual Meeting



The 2013 WEMCO & RWMA Co-located Annual Meeting will take place at the Saddlebrook Resort of Tampa, Florida on February 21-23, 2013






There are always unparalleled networking opportunities. The meeting and speakers provide invaluable content for both committees.


"Going green: what does it mean to our industry?" is the chosen theme of the meeting, focused on the future of welding within the context of sustainable manufacturing. The keynote speaker, Alan Beaulieu, is confirmed for Saturday, February 23rd. The remaining speakers will be announed in the Winter eNewsletter.


Click here to download the "Save the Date" Flyer >> 


Click here for Alan Beaulieu Fact Sheet >>

The Tour to The Salvador Dali Museum 


Located approximately 45 minutes from the Saddlebrook Resort is the iconic Salvador Dali Museum in downtown St. Peterburg, Florida. A guided tour will be offered for members, spouses and guests interested in visiting the museum.


This Dali collection represents an extraordinary journey into the artist's deepest emotions and creative thinking. Seeing and learning about Dali's art is, for sure, a fascinating experience.


Click on the image below for the Salvador Dali Museum Website. 



Don't miss out on this great opportunity, and experience for yourself the art and life of Salvador Dali, one of the world's greatest artists of all times (1904-1989). 





*The meeting activity schedule will be released in the Winter eNewsletter. 




Resistance Welding Awards Nominees  

Each year, the RWMA grants the Elihu Thomson Resistance Welding Award to a living individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the technology and application of resistance welding, as evidenced by one or more of the following:


  • Authored one or more technical papers on a resistance welding subject published in the AWS Welding Journal or any other industry-recognized publication.
  • Developed innovations in resistance welding equipment or technology.
  • Made a unique application of resistance welding in a production environment.
  • Other contributions as the RWMA Governance Committee shall deem worthy of recognition.

This award consists of a plaque and honorarium ($1,000), which may be presented in cash or designated as a scholarship, at the recipient's option. Deadline for submitting nominations for 2013 is November 9th, 2012.
**If you have nominated an individual previously and they have not yet been selected, feel free to resubmit the same nomination.


Click here to download nomination form >>

 FABTECH 2012/Nov. 12-14

Less Than One Month Away!








FABTECH is the largest fabricating, metal forming, welding, and finishing manufacturing trade show in North America. This year, 1,100 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees are expected to meet in the Las Vegas Convention Center.


A total of 35,000 attendees were confirmed in last year's FABTECH at the McCormmick Place in Chicago, which represented the largest attendance ever recorded for the show since its debut in 1981, Cleveland, OH. 


This year' s projections are 25,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors. The show offers over 100 educational sessions related to welding best practices, technology, innovation, business management and lean manufacturing.  


Debbie Doench, Chair of AWS Publications, Expositions and Marketing Committee (PEMCO) wrote in the October 2012 Issue of the Welding Journal's Editorial:  "the show isn't just for large companies either. It's for everyone — from the owner of a small job shop to the executives of multimillion-dollar manufacturers, and the engineers and equipment operators in between. In short, FABTECH is designed for everyone who wants to learn how to improve their business, solve problems, or gain a competitive edge with the latest technologies."




  THE RWMA BOOTH  # N1626 



Click here to download the  Schedule-at-Glance


Click here to watch the

Official FABTECH 2012 Video



RWMA School at FABTECH 2012


This 2-day course covering the fundamentals of resistance welding is offered once  a year at FABTECH for operators, production supervisors, engineers, and others. It provides them with the opportunity to further their knowledge in the theory, applications, and equipment used in the resistance welding process.



Click here to download brochure in low resolution>>



The following companies have signed for a tabletop exhibit



Resistance Welding Machine and Accessory


Southern Copper & Supply


Luvata Ohio, Inc. 


NSRW Inc. 


Tuffaloy Products, Inc. 


Entron Controls, LLC.


T.J. Snow Inc. 



The Recipient for the 2012 Elihu Thomson Award is Dr. Muralidhar Tumuluru






Dr. Muralidhar Tumurulu received his degrees in materials and welding engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and The Ohio State University. He has thirty years of experience in welding, of which he has worked the last fifteen years at the U.S. Steel Research and Technology Center.


The main focus of his research has been to characterize the joining behavior of advanced high-strength steels developed for automotive applications. He has lectured widely and authored numerous publications on the subject. He teaches welding technology for U.S. Steel’s internal training program and has conducted presentations for welding personnel at various automotive companies on the joining aspects of advanced high-strength steels. Prior to joining U.S. Steel, he worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation and Spang & Company, both in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area.


Dr. Tumuluru, an AWS member since 1980, is also a member of the AWS A5 Committee on Filler Metals and Allied Materials, C1 Committee on Resistance Welding, D14H Subcommittee on the Surfacing of Industrial Rolls, and ACI American Council of IIW. He serves as second vice chair of the D8 Committee on Automotive Welding, and chairs the task group expanding D8.9, Recommended Practices for Test Methods for Evaluating the Resistance Spot Welding Behaviorof Automotive Sheet Steel Materials, to include test methods for the advanced high-strength steels.


He is a Principal Reviewer for the Welding Journal and a peer reviewer for several leading technical journals. He is a member of the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) WorldAutoSteel task group that developed joining guidelines for advanced high-strength steels, and serves on several committees of the AISI Auto/Steel Partnership. He served as the division editor on resistance welding for the 2011edition of ASM Metals Handbook on Welding and Brazing (Vol. 6A). He has received the James F. Lincoln Gold Medal Award for his technical papers.

RWMA Scholarship Recipient - 2012 


The RWMA Scholarship was established in 2005 by the Resistance Welder Manufacturers’ Association to perpetuate its legacy of support for welding education.  The scholarship is for a junior level student in a four-year program for Welding Engineering or Welding Engineering Technology. The applicant must express an interest in the resistance welding process while pursuing a career in welding engineering, and must take one semester in resistance welding.


The 2012 recipient is Travis Goetz, a junior at Ferris State University in the Welding Engineering Technology program.



This scholarship is available to U. S. and Canadian citizens attending an accredited academic institution located within the United States or Canada.

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The deadline to submit your advertisement is Friday, November 2, 2012.


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It is important that you don't miss the deadline. Save your space today! 


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C1 Quarterly Report span>


C1 Committee On Resistance Welding




The C1 Committee on Resistance Welding is responsible for the preparation of standards related to resistance welding processes, and their applications for various materials, generic weld acceptance criteria for the resistance welding industry and certification of equipment operators.


Dowload Full Report >>



J1 Quarterly Report


J1 Committee on Resistance Welding Equipment 





The J1 Committee on Resistance Welding Equipment is responsible for the preparation of standards related to resistance welding consumables, components, and machinery 


Download Full Report >>














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