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Cal Manufacturing Inc.


Cal Manufacturing, Inc., is rolling out two of its newest products now available.


Cal Manufacturing, Inc., has a custom built cable "roller" or "donut" to enhance the life of resistance welding cables on spotwelding equipment. 


The roller is lightweight with ultrasoft plastic, yet durable enough to withstand the "kick" and "pulse" of a spotwelding arm. This cable accessory is an excellent component for your customers in the automotive industry as well as others. It is successfully being used by one of our U.S. automakers on assembly production lines. 




We are also introducing a newer cable assembly with a special cable water port available in all sizes.  We hope that this cable and specialized terminal ends will provide our distributors with new markets to explore. 



Huys Industries



Huys Industries have released the New Sorpas™ Version 11 Modeling Software with 3D modeling and improved finite element analysis (FEA) performance giving shorter simulation times and better optimization results.



The company is pleased to announce the addition of great new talent to its corporate and regional offices.

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Huys Industries also announced that its latest technology research will be published in Korea.



Furthermore, Huys Industries will proudly be part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar program funded by the Canadian government to explore and develop magnesium parts, and their joining, initially targeted at the auto industry.





Mr. Nigel Scotchmer,

President of Huys Industries, said “If we want to be leaders tomorrow, we have to be working hard today to solve the problems we have today."




Conferences and Conventions



AWS Conferences provide the welding community with a wealth of benefits


AWS Conference attendees are awarded 1 PDH (Professional Development Hour) for each hour of conference attendance. These PDH's can be applied toward AWS recertifications and renewals.




The Year's Most Anticipated Manufacturing Industry Event, FABTECH 2012- Las Vegas, Nov. 12-14








FABTECH is the largest fabricating, metal forming, welding, and finishing manufacturing trade show in North America. This year, 1,100 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees are expected to meet in the Las Vegas Convention Center.



Click here to watch the

Official FABTECH 2012 Video


Click here for FABTECH 2012 Website



RWMA School at FABTECH 2012


This 2-day course covering the fundamentals of resistance welding is offered once  a year at FABTECH for operators, production supervisors, engineers, and others. It provides them with the opportunity to further their knowledge in the theory, applications, and equipment used in the resistance welding process.


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Click here to download brochure >>



The deadline date for exhibitor registration is August 1st. 


Online registration is already open! 


Click here to register


See the AWS booth in these upcoming conferences


Click on show logos for additional information




GAWDA 2012 Annual Convention




Colorado Springs, CO

September 9-12, 2012



IMTS 2012



Chicago, IL

September 10-15, 2012



MetalCon 2012




Chicago, IL

October 9-11, 2012




International Show




Orlando, FL

December 11-13, 2012



RWMA Promotional DVD





This promotional DVD on the resistance welding industry is always available for members. It highlights the basics of resistance welding as a process and its growth potential.


Now it is also available to accredited instructors for free! It would be a terrific introduction tool for your classroom regarding all elements of resistance welding. It is fast moving and informative with extraordinary visuals. It also promotes resistance welding as a potential career path for students.


This tool will provide tips for implementing resistance welding into an academic curriculum, and includes information on occupation-specific competencies.


The DVD is available for viewing online at http://www.aws.org/rwma/videos/.


For a free instructor copy of this DVD, please email your Committee Management Specialist, Keila DeMoraes at kdemoraes@aws.org


RWMA Committee Chairs, Directors and Representatives


Executive Committee


Chair - Wade Burnette, NSRW, Inc.


1st Vice Chair - Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc.


2nd Vice Chair -Ed Langhenry, Jr.

Watteredge, Inc.


Immediate Past Chair - Roger Hirsch, Unitrol Electronics, Inc.


Machinery Division


Representative - Richard (Dick) Vreeland, Ewald Instruments


Alternate Representative - Edmundo Narvaez, Lors Machinery


Copper Products Division


Representative - Dan Wellman, Obara Corp., USA


Alternate Representative - Jeff Schemel, CMW Inc.


Components Division


Representative - Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor), Ltd.


Alternate Representative - Jean-Pierre Derdeyn, Techno-Control Cybernetic, Inc.


Education Committee


Chair - Tom Snow, T.J. Snow Company


Vice Chair - John Collins, Spotwelding Consultants, Inc.


Scholarship Subcommittee


Representative, Kurt Hofman, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.


Welding School Subcommittee


Chair – Don Sorenson, ENTRON Controls, LLC


Vice Chair – Mark Siehling, RoMan Manufacturing


Executive Finance Committee


Chair – Ed Langhenry, Jr., Watteredge, Inc.


Marketing Committee


Chair - Danny Thomason, Dimplex Thermal Solutions


Vice Chair – Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd.


Web Site Subcommittee  


Chair – Priyesh Dodhia, Tuffaloy Products, Inc.


Newsletter Subcommittee


Chair – Bill Brafford, Tuffaloy Products, Inc.


Membership Committee


Chair – Garret Herringdon, Southern Copper & Supply


Vice Chair – Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc.


Member Recruitment Subcommittee


Chair - Robert (Bob) Cupchak, NGK Metals


Strategic Planning Committee


Chair – Roger Hirsch, Unitrol Electronics, Inc.





                 Spring/Summer 2012



         Volume 3- Issue 2

Message From The Chair





Dear RWMA Members,



Exciting news! As you      know    we     are returning to 2 meetings a year, the Annual Meeting and the Regional Meeting.


I am pleased to announce that we have finalized plans for the upcoming 2012 RWMA Regional Meeting in Dearborn, MI, September 12-13, 2012.


It will be held at the Dearborn Inn, a historic Marriott hotel on the grounds of the Ford Motor Company. There will be networking opportunities and committee meetings as well.


In addition, we will be touring the Ford Truck Assembly Plant. There are various local attractions nearby including the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant, Henry Ford Museum, and Greenfield Village. Make plans to attend! It should be a great event for all, including spouses!


I would also like to introduce Keila DeMoraes to the RWMA staff as the Committee Management Specialist. Please welcome her to our team!  


Let's also welcome all new member companies that have joined RWMA in the last six months: AC Metal Pro, CWB Materials, Fronius USA and Saglam Metals.


As always, I appreciate your continued support. I look forward to seeing you in September.




Wade Burnette

RWMA 2011-12 Chair




RWMA Regional Meeting - 2012 



Join your RWMA committee members at the historic hotel destination, the Dearborn Inn at Dearborn, MI, on Sep 12-13, 2012.

In 1983 the Dearborn Inn was designated a historic site. The hotel was built by Henry Ford in 1931 as one of the world's first airport hotels.

Today, it is a full service Marriott with all of the conveniences and amenities of a modern hotel. The Dearborn Inn offers 229 guest rooms and suites, including replica homes of famous Americans such as Patrick Henry, Edgar Allen Poe, and Walt Whitman.



**Please note that online registration will open by August 1st through the AWS Website. All RWMA members will be notified in advance, via e-mail, about registration procedures and costs.


Go ahead and mark your calendars. It will be a memorable event! 


Click here for Activity Schedule 





Dearborn Inn Official Website



A tour to the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant is currently being planned. The plant is a "must see" site, and it is one of the spectacular attractions of the Henry Ford that celebrate, and recreate, 300 years of American history.









The Henry Ford Official Website



Several attractions are available at the Henry Ford grounds in Dearborn, MI. This historic destination houses the Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, an IMAX Theater and the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant.  










New Committee Management Specialist




Ms. Keila DeMoraes comes to AWS with over 10 years of experience in marketing programs management for businesses and academic environmnents, event planning, branding strategy and integrated marketing communications.


Her previous positions include Marketing Manager for fast growing high-tech companies, Assistant Director of Admissions, Graduate Programs Advisor, and Marketing/Advertising Instructor at Miami International University of Art and Design (The Art Institutes of Miami).


Keila DeMoraes holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business from San Diego State University and an MBA in Marketing from Argosy University.


C1 Quarterly Report





The 2012 edition of the C1.1 Recommended Practices for Resistance Welding document has been published and members receive their copies of the document by the end of the 2nd quarter. Action is to be taken on documents C1.4 and C1.5, the missing RWMA Designers Guide chapters are to be reviewed, a PTP is to be reviewed, and a possible new document on Advanced High Strength Steels is to be researched.


Next C1 Meeting


Date: Week of 12-13, 2012

Meeting Time: TBD

Meeting Location:  RWMA Regional Meeting, Dearborn, MI



Dowload Full Report >>



J1 Quarterly Reports




The J1.1 Specification for Resistance Welding Controls simultaneous ballot closed on 3/28/12, and comments from that ballot are presently being resolved. A committee officer election took place at the 5/15 meeting in Livonia, MI and new member D. Sorenson was elected as Chair, and present 2nd Vice Chair R. Hirsch was voted in as 1st Vice Chair. Membership is to be increased and Task Groups are to be formed for possible new documents on RW Fact Sheets, a new electrode standard to replace D8.6, a new material standard, and a potential reaffirmation or revision to the A10.1Instrumentation document.


Next J1 Meeting


Date: Week of 12-13, 2012

Meeting Time: TBD

Meeting Location: RWMA Regional Meeting, Dearborn, MI.



Download Full Report >>


From the Field 



The photo  below is an example of an action that customers shouldn't take.


This customer thought he would keep turning the tap switch up when he got some very bad steel.  This resulted in the overheated cable shown below.


The solution is to check the steel for weld ability prior to use.





Submitted by Bob Kerr From Banner Welder, Inc.



Did You Know?


Because resistance levels for water-cooled jumpers and dual conductor cables are encapsulated and are a soldered termination, these cables will not deteriorate over time. However, your air-cooled cables will oxidize and your resistance levels will increase over time.  Rotating your stock as quickly as possible for air-cooled cables is a good practice.


Fun Fact


Silver is more conductive than copper and copper is more conductive than gold.  However, because copper is less expensive than silver, it is the preferred choice for electrical applications.



Both "Did You Know?" and "Fun Fact" were submitted by Ed Langhenry, Jr. from Watteredge, Inc.




 AWS Welding Online Education



Visit AWS American Welding Online to learn more about all available online seminars, podcast, blogs, resource library and many more useful welding educational tools for today's welding professional.


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Careers in Welding


This is your only online resource for a wealh of information about the welding career for professionals, students and educators.


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AWS Explores Welding


Test your knowledge and take a welding quiz. Have some fun!


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Resistance Welding Literature



A variety of publications, articles, videos, and manuals are available to further educate AWS members in the resistance welding process.


All of our publications can be purchased by visiting the AWS Store, operated by World Engineering Xchange (WEX) at http://pubs.aws.org/. You may download copies of publications online or order printed copies for direct shipment.


Should you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-WELDING (1-888-935-3464) or email orders@awspubs.com.



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If you don't find what you are looking for, check out 


RWMA Webpage



RWMA Machine Plates






Members may purchase machine plates to display their association with RWMA. The plates measure 3 1/4" by 2". They are sold in sets of 25 at $25.00 per set.

To request your plates, please email RWMA Committee Management Specialist at kdemoraes@aws.org. 


The plates are only available for RWMA members to display on the equipment they produce.



RWMA Membership Directory


Get more exposure for your brand. Advertise at the members directory.


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RWMA is on LinkedIn. Click here to visit the RWMA LinkedIn page and join the conversation. There are over 250 members to date.






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