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The Welding Journal Research Papers 
Each month the Welding Journal serves those who build or specify welded products and structures. 
This is accomplished in part through the on-going research of distinguished colleagues around the world.

The Welding Journal's Research Papers are available for reading and download at the AWS Web Site.


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Research Papers posted after 12/98 are available in PDF format ONLY.


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From the Field 


Welding Transformer: The Heart of the Machine


Spot welding machine transformers have no moving parts and often run for decades if not abused. Abuse includes overheating due to excessive duty cycle operation, lack of adequate water flow, and internal water saturation due to water leaks or condensation.


If your welding transformer is water-cooled, check to make sure the small diameter internal copper water cooling tubes are not clogged, crushed, or leaking. If the machine has been run on city or well water, minerals can accumulate over the years just like excessive cholesterol clogs our arteries. Chemicals are available to clear clogs in water cooling lines, but sometimes the transformer needs to be disassembled so the water lines can be replaced.


Shorted-out spot welding machine transformers can be rebuilt, but it’s best to send them to a specialist rather than your local electric motor repair shop. 


Submitted by Tom Snow, T.J. Snow Co., Inc. 


Did You Know?



Spot welds not only make a vehicle safer, but can also help in reducing rattles and road noises. An average mid-sized car has 5,000 spot welds.


Submitted by John Collins, Spot Welding Consultants 



Fun Fact 


I visited my dentist the other day to have a filling repaired.


It was actually a small cavity in the tooth that already contained a gold filling. (The gold filling was done years before the sky-rocketing cost of gold!).


All went well as I tried to converse and endure with their fingers and tools in my mouth.

Upon completion, the dentist warned me that I may feel a “poke” around that tooth for a few days.

It wasn’t due to sensitivity or a bad fill job, but to the galvanic shock.


I hadn’t realized that when agreeing to use a silver-based filling for the new spot, I had set myself up.


The gold and silver create an actual electric shock between them of direct current.


The galvanic shock does subside after a few days and, in truth, it wasn’t as jolting as I had been told it might be.


A word of caution:  When working with dissimilar metals, in welding or in teeth, extra caution should be taken.


Submitted by Matt Post, Apex Controls Inc. and AWS West Michigan Section Officer 



‘KRITON’ supplied state of art Coil Joining Equipments to 16 steel-projects in the current year to various countries throughout the world and 2 more equipments will be soon supplied before the end of December.


The supplies included seven to India, two to Uganda, Nigeria & Kenya and one of each to Nepal, Guatemala (South America), Honduras (South America), Indonesia & Thailand.


“KRITON”  manufactures a wide range of Over-Lap Weld, Minimum Overlap Weld and Mash Lap Welders with built-in or separate Sheet Shear, Sheet-Indexing Unit, Sheet-Guides, Notcher, Looper Rollers, Sheet Punch etc.


All equipments are with suitable automation. Welder capacity from 50 KVA to 350 KVA are offered depending upon range of sheet thickness, sheet-length and application of line.


The 2013 RWMA Membership Directory


The 2013 membership directory is still a work-in-progress. It will be released in March, 2013 as per the RWMA Executive Committee. Elections for the committee and subcommittee chair positions will take place during the RWMA Annual Meeting of February 2013. The newly elected officials will be listed in the 2013 Membership Directory. 


2013 RWMA Committee Officers and Divisions' Representatives



Executive Committee


Chair - Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc.


1st Vice Chair - Ed Langhenry, Jr.

Watteredge, Inc.


2nd Vice Chair - Tom Snow, T.J. Snow Co. 


Immediate Past Chair - Wade Burnette, NSRW, Inc.



Machinery Division



Greg LaBelle, LORS 


Alternate Representative, 

Bob Kerr, Banner Welders 


Copper Products Division


Representative - Greg Chambers, Luvata 


Alternate Representative - 

Bob Cupchak, NGK Metals Corp. 


Components Division



Danny Thomason, Dimplex Thermal Solutions


Alternate Representative - Jean-Pierre Derdeyn, Techno-Control Cybernetic, Inc.


*Committee and

Sub-committee Chairs


Education Committee


Chair - Tom Snow, T.J. Snow Company


Vice Chair - John Collins, Spotwelding Consultants, Inc.


Scholarship Subcommittee


Representative, Kurt Hofman, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.


Welding School Subcommittee


Chair – Don Sorenson, ENTRON Controls, LLC


Vice Chair – Mark Siehling, RoMan Manufacturing


Executive Finance Committee


Chair – Ed Langhenry, Jr., Watteredge, Inc.


Marketing Committee


Chair - Danny Thomason, Dimplex Thermal Solutions


Vice Chair – Dan Uszynski, CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd.


Web Site Subcommittee  


Chair – Priyesh Dodhia, Tuffaloy Products, Inc.


Newsletter Subcommittee


Chair – Bill Brafford, Tuffaloy Products, Inc.


Membership Committee


Chair – Garret Herringdon, Southern Copper & Supply


Vice Chair – Mark Gramelspacher, CMW Inc.


Member Recruitment Subcommittee


Chair - Robert (Bob) Cupchak, NGK Metals


Strategic Planning Committee


Chair – Roger Hirsch, Unitrol Electronics, Inc.


*These positions are held by the same members as of the last 2 years. Elections for these positions will take place during the Annual Meeting in February, 2013.                                                                            



                 Winter 2013

        The Annual Meeting Edition



                                Volume 4- Issue 1



Message From The Chair





Dear RWMA Members,


Welcome to the beginning of another new year in the RWMA!
Thanks to each of you who attended and contributed at the past Annual Meeting and participated in the renewal of the Fall Meeting. The feedback from participants indicated that all of us gained something of value to help our businesses compete and improve in this continually evolving and dynamic global economy.
The coming year will prove to be another great opportunity for you to learn more (and teach) about the resistance welding process and its vital role in the economy and our livelihoods. The focus of our effort as a volunteer industry organization is to advance resistance welding technology, broaden its use, and promote its economic benefits.
We will accomplish this by:
1) Promoting resistance welding and maintaining a presence at trade shows and in trade journals around the world in conjunction with our liaisons at AWS.
2) Improving our stewardship of the Emmet A. Craig Resistance Welding School held in conjunction with FABTECH each year.
3) Participating in the AWS sponsored work in CCRW, J1 and C1 committees.
4) Conducting content-rich meetings with learning and networking opportunities for our members.
For those of you who are new to the industry or RWMA, the real mainstay program of the RWMA has been and will continue to be the RWMA Welding School. Thanks again to all who volunteer their valuable time and introduce so many new people to the process of resistance welding each year. By introducing thousands of people to the RW process over the decades, the school provides a vital link that connects us all in the industry.
Speaking of learning, Dr. Jerry Gould of the Edison Welding Institute will be giving the 2013 Annual Meeting’s keynote address. Dr. Gould brings decades of experience in the industry and published over 120 technical papers on various aspects of resistance welding, holds six patents and co-authored 20 EWI Cooperative Research Reports.
I encourage all members to join Dr. Gould and register for the meeting on February 21-23 at Saddlebrook Resort just north of Tampa, Florida. This year's RWMA speaker and WEMCO speakers Mr. John Howell, Mr. Dave Mizerowski and Dr. Martin Greitmann along with the economist Alan Beaulieu will provide critical and timely information to our members and, of course, the weather will always tempt Northerners and Southerners alike to journey south. It's a meeting packed with great speakers and lots of great networking opportunities!
I would like to thank Wade Burnette of NSRW for his steady hand at the helm of RWMA for the past two years.
He attended every meeting and helped tremendously with the successful transition of our new staff at RWMA.
Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for allowing me to represent you as the 2013 RWMA Chair. It is a privilege to be part of the resistance welding industry in this way.
We need your input and ideas to keep RWMA healthy and moving forward so please share them with me. Bring those ideas, issues and/or concerns to Committee Management Specialist, Keila DeMoraes at kdemoraes@aws.org.   
Feel free to call me directly at 317-715-2125 or via email at mbg@cmwinc.com.
See you at Saddlebrook!

Mark Gramelspacher
RWMA 2013/2014 Committee Chair





Registration for the 21013 RWMA

Annual Meeting is Still Open


RWMA is once again holding its next Annual Meeting co-located with WEMCO on February 21-23, 2013 at the Saddlebrook Golf & Tennis Resort, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida (www.saddlebrook.com). 
The Annual Meeting theme is as follows: 
Going Green: What Does It Mean To Our Industry?
Speakers at the Annual Meeting will provide historical and current information and insights on the evolution and future of resistance welding within the context of sustainable manufacturing and alternative energy. 


Click Here for the Schedule of Events>>


Click Here for The Featured Article>>

(Courtesy of the Welding Journal-  February Issue)




**Please read NEW information for spouses and guests!


In addition to the opening cocktail reception and the gala dinner, spouses are also invited for the buffet breakfast on Friday and Saturday followed by Alan Beaulieu's speech, which they are welcome to attend as well. 


There will also be a welcome event for spouses and guests hosted by the Resort's Boutique on Thursday afternoon by the water fountain. Invitations will be provided. Last but not least, spouses will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Saddebrook Spa



Click Here for the Saddebrook Spa Brochure>>


**Please read important information about hotel reservations

The Saddlebrook Resort requires attendees to make their own reservations at  800-729-8383      
Attendee Reservation Code: 57183X
*The last day to register for the RWMA Annual Meeting is February 10th,  2013! 

RWMA Annual Meeting Speaker 

Dr. Jerry Gould's Bio







Dr. Jerry Gould

        Technology Leader

   Resistance & Solid-State       Welding











Technical Expertise 


Dr. Jerry Gould is a Technology Leader covering  the resistance and solid-state welding activities conducted at EWI.  A strong area of this activity has been resistance spot welding, particularly of coated and advanced high-strength steels.  These studies have included detailed process investigations, weldability of various materials, and weldability of various stack-up and geometry configurations.  Resistance welding of aluminum has also become a focus of this activity.  Other areas of research include seam welding, projection welding, flash welding, resistance butt welding, and friction welding.  Of note has been his work with respect to work on honeycomb panel construction. 


This has included the specific resistance welding processes involved, as well as work with a range of high-temperature materials. Jerry is responsible for developing the capabilities for statistical design of experiments.  These experiments were conducted in production facilities on manufacturing equipment.  He is now using many of these approaches to investigate the various forge welding processes.  Jerry has published over 120 technical papers and articles on various aspects of resistance welding, solid-state welding, and welding metallurgy.  He also holds six patents, and has authored or co-authored 20 EWI Cooperative Research Reports. 


Background and Project Experience 


Since 1985, Jerry has been on the senior technical staff concentrating on the forge welding activities at EWI.  Prior to this, he was senior research engineer at the Inland Steel Company Research Laboratory.  His major area of expertise is resistance spot welding of sheet steels.  Activities in this area have included thermal modeling, weld solidification, electrode deterioration, weldability of various materials, and process kinetics.  Additional areas of interest are mechanical properties of welded joints, design of experiments, quality management, and resistance welding equipment design.




B.S.      Mechanical Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

M.E.      Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, Carnegie-Mellon University

Ph.D.    Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, Carnegie-Mellon University


Professional Affiliations 


American Welding Society (Fellow)

James A. Lincoln Gold Metal Award (1995)

The Metals Society



Dr. Martin Greitmann Bio




 Professor Dr.-Ing. (IWE) Martin Josef Greitmann
Academic Background
Doctoral Thesis: resistance welding hard metal onto steel
Head of Welding and Joining department
Education/Lecture: Joining technology
International Welding Engineer (IWE)1981-1987: University Stuttgart, Study Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.)
Diploma thesis: mechanical behavior of welding heads
Professional Experience
1987-2008: University Stuttgart, MPA Stuttgart (Material Testing Institute).
1987 to Present: member of German Welding Society (DVS).
1999 to Present: Chairman of German Welding Society (DVS) working group DVS/DIN AG V 3.3
Resistance welding in electronics and precision mechanics."
2008 to Present: Professor at Hochschule Esslingen, Faculty Automotive Engineering
University of Applied Science
Lectures: Materials, joining technology
Research work: Innovative joining technologies and quality assurance
Awards & Published Work
2010 Innovation Award of Deutsches Kupfer Institut Berufsverband e.V. (DKI)
(DKI Association: German Copper Institute)
Publications: More than 90 technical papers
1996: 98th Annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis.
Paper: Advance in friction welding and ultrasonic welding of ceramics to metals.
International Institute of Welding (IIW)
ExpertCommission III Resistance welding, solid state welding and allied joining processes.
Working areas in Resistance welding:
Resistance spot welding (aluminum, high strength steels)
Weldability of copper alloys (Hot Staking, projection welding)
Fundamentals of contact resistance
Numerical simulation of resistance welding process


Place of birth: Donaueschingen, Germany
Current residence: Pfarrhausstr. 22, Germany





                        Economist AlanBeaulieu           of ITR Economics™

One of the country’s most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu is a principal of ITR Economics™ where he serves as President. He is co-author of “Make Your Move”, a book on how to increase profits through business cycle changes. Alan is also the Senior Economic Advisor to the NAW, Chief Forecaster for the European Power Train Distributors Association and the Chief Economist for HARDI.
Mr. Beaulieu has been providing workshops and economic analysis seminars in 8 countries to literally thousands of business owners and executives for the last 20 years.
Pronouncements from the Institute for Trend Research and/or Mr. Beaulieu have appeared in/on: the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Knight Ridder News Services, Business Week, Associated Press, The Washington Times, CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Sirius talk radio, KABC, NPR affiliate WLRN and numerous other outlets.

 RWMA Welding Journal Advertisement


The Welding Journal ad features the Annual Meeting and the speakers mentioned above. This ad can be found on the RMWA Website and at the February Issue of the Welding Journal page 95. 



Click Here to See the Ad>>

The Tour to The Salvador Dali Museum 


Located approximately 45 minutes from the Saddlebrook Resort is the iconic Salvador Dali Museum in downtown St. Peterburg, Florida. This Dali collection represents an extraordinary journey into the artist's deepest emotions and creative thinking. It is a fascinating experience. 


Members, spouses and guests interested in visiting the museum can purchase their tickets including transportation via the meeting registration form. 



Click on image below for the

Salvador Dali Museum Website. 



Experience for yourself the art and life of Salvador Dali, one of the world's greatest artists of all times (1904-1989). 




FABTECH 2012 brought together RWMA members representing the resistance welding industry at their companies' booths, the RWMA School and at the RWMA booth. The list of prospects collected was sent a letter with an invitation for the RWMA Annual Meeting as a non-member. 



Bob Cupchak, NGK Metals Corp., Keila DeMoraes, WEMCO/RWMA Management Specialist at AWS, and Bill Brafford, Tuffaloy Products Inc. 



Click here (AWS blog) to read about FATBECH 2012 statistics>>




Catherine Bentley and Tom Snow, T.J. Snow Co., Bill Brafford, Tuffaloy Products, Inc. and RWMA Vice Chair Roger Hirsch, Unitrol Electronics, Inc. 

C1 Quarterly Report


C1 Committee On Resistance Welding




The C1 Committee on Resistance Welding is responsible for the preparation of standards related to resistance welding processes, and their applications for various materials, generic weld acceptance criteria for the resistance welding industry and certification of equipment operators.



The C1 Committee Report


The AWS C1 Committee on Resistance Welding is chaired by Nigel Scotchmer from Huys Industries. The committee is currently in the initial stages of creating a new edition to the 2012 published C1.1M/C1.1, Recommended Practices on Resistance Welding document. This new edition will likely carry a section on Advanced High Strength Steels among other current topics. The committee is also in the balloting stages of the next editions to the AWS C1.4M/C1.4, Specification for Resistance Welding of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels; and AWS C1.5, Specification for the Qualification of Resistance Welding Technicians documents. A new work item entitled Designers Guide for Resistance Welding, encompassing the present chapters from the work of the RWMA Technical Committee is also being considered for C1 committee activity.


The next meeting of the C1 Committee will likely take place during the week of 4/29/13 in Livonia MI. If you are interested in participating in the committee activities or if you would like detailed information on the C1 projects, please contact the C1 Committee Secretary Efram Abrams, by email at eabrams@aws.org or by phone 800-443-9353 ext. 307.



J1 Quarterly Report


J1 Committee on Resistance Welding Equipment 





The J1 Committee on Resistance Welding Equipment is responsible for the preparation of standards related to resistance welding consumables, components, and machinery 



The J1 Committee Report 



The AWS J1 Committee on Resistance Welding Equipment is chaired by Don Sorenson from Entron Controls. The committee is in the final stages of balloting the J1.1 Specification for Resistance Welding Controls document through the committee publication process.


The committee is also in the initial document review stage of the J1.2 Guide to Maintenance of Resistance Welding Machines documentand has begun the preparation of a draft Roadmap for US Resistance Welding Electrode Standards. The intent of the Roadmap is to provide an overview of the US standards such as RWMA Bulletin 16 - Section 8, Resistance Welding Equipment Standards – Electrodes, AWS D8.6, Specification for Automotive Resistance Spot Welding Electrodes, plus the applicable international standards. The objective is to establish a prioritized plan to address the market needs for electrode related standards and the interests of the participants.


The draft and a solicitation for participation have been distributed amongst the J1 committee and RWMA membership, and a meeting to solicit further assistance on the document will be held at the 2013 RWMA Annual Meeting in Wesley Chapel, FL. A new work item pertaining to a series of Resistance Welding Fact Sheets is being considered for J1 committee activity as the Fact Sheets would disseminate useful and practical information to users of the resistance welding process. At this time there is a four-page draft Grounding Reactor Fact Sheet based on information culled from RWMA Bulletin 16.


Click  on the links below for more information: 


Before an AWS permission to prepare form is solicited, it is desirable to have additional one to four page drafts to demonstrate the concept and its merits. J1 recently published the Resistance Welding Pocket Handbook (RWPH: 2011), available for purchase from the AWS publications website and catalog for $20 list price or $15 for members.


The next meeting of the J1 Committee will likely take place during the week of 4/29/13 in Livonia MI. Individuals who are interested in participating in the development of the above resistance welding equipment standards can obtain additional information on the J1 Committee activities by contacting the J1 Committee Secretary, Efram Abrams by phone at 800-443-9353, ext. 307, or email eabrams@aws.org .
















Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance

A Standing Committee of the American Welding Society

8669 Doral Blvd Suite 130

Doral, FL 33166 

Phone: (305)443-9353  

Fax: (305) 442-7451

Website http://www.aws.org/rwma and

email rwma@aws.org


The content of this eNewsletter is contributed by the RWMA Committee, its Management Specialist, and other content is selected from the Welding Journal. All Rights Reserved. 2012