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Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes

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IIW Statement on Manganese
The American Welding Society, as a sponsor body of the American Council of the International Institute of Welding (IIW), has received the following Statement on Manganese from the IIW. This statement does not necessarily represent the position of the American Welding Society. AWS is providing access to this statement for information as a public service.
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Duke Study on Manganese
Does scientific and medical literature support concerns that some have expressed about exposure to manganese in welding fume?
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Free Downloadable Safety and Health Fact Sheets
Guidelines, definitions, and facts to help you gain knowledge about being safe in the workplace. Topics range from Fumes and Gases, to Ergonomics in the Welding Environment, to California Proposition 65. These are free to download.
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    The Safety and Health Committee secretary is Steve Hedrick: (305) 443-9353 ext. 305 or

    Our Mission

    It is the duty of the AWS Safety and Health Committee to:
    • Promote knowledge concerning occupational environmental effects on the health and safety of personnel involved in welding, brazing, thermal cutting and allied processes, including the storage and handling of welding and thermal cutting equipment and materials.
    • Promote standardization of methods for sampling and analysis of substances and radiations emitted in welding and thermal cutting processes.
    • Develop safe practices and standards for such processes to ensure a safe working environment for welders and associated personnel.
    • Make recommendations concerning projects to be funded by the Safety and Health Research Fund.
    • Establish liaison with other AWS Committees and other organizations to ensure coordination for improved efficiency and to avoid duplication of effort.
    • Nominate and administer the activities of official safety and health representatives of the society on committees of other societies in accordance with the “Rules for the Appointment and Functioning of Representatives of AWS on Technical Committees of Other Societies,” as approved by the Board of Directors.