AWS Section Toolkit

AWS Section Toolkit

Local Sections are the very heart and foundation of AWS and are, therefore, very important to the wellbeing and future of the Society. The Section Toolkit contains a wide variety of information designed to assist Sections in the organization and operations of day-to-day activities. Section Officers will find "how-to" manuals, as well as useful templates for a variety of letters, award certificates, and for recording meeting minutes. Know the purpose and importance of District Conferences, and why your Section should be represented. Get ideas for upcoming meetings and events from Section Success Stories, compiled from attendees who have participated in past Leadership Symposiums, and much more.

If you have a suggestion on what to add to the Kit, or if your Section uses a template that would be helpful to other Sections, please contact Rhenda Kenny at 800-443-9353 x 260 or

Annual Reports
  • Section, International Section and Student Chapter annual report forms

  • Description, criteria and nomination forms for awards Section/District/National awards

District Conferences
  • Purpose and importance of District Conferences, and why your Section should attend

Forms & Templates
  • Variety of forms and templates for Section use

AWS Instructors Institute
  • Annual event held in Doral (Miami) Florida

AWS Leadership Symposium
  • Annual event held in Doral (Miami) Florida

Letter Templates
  • Sample letter templates for day-to-day Section use

  • Section organization and operations manuals

Meetings & Events
  • Increase attendance by awarding PDHs
  • Section-sponsored best practices

Newsletters & Meeting Notices
  • Take advantage of the online Section Tool
  • Information on mailing labels, electronic rosters, "hot sheets," and roster changes

Policies, Tools & Resources
  • Useful links
  • Purchasing AWS publications as a fundraiser
  • Publication resell policy
  • Section websites

AWS Student Chapters
  • Information on establishing and operating an AWS Student Chapter