D1 Interpretations


6GR Test
A5.29 FCAW Electrodes
Alignment of Members
Arc Spot Welds – Flat Position
Backgouged Double-Welded Joints
Base Material Approval
Base Metal Qualifications
Bend Jigs
Bend Specimen Requirements for Pipe Welder Qualification
BMAW-S Welder Qualification
Camber Tolerances
Ceramic Backing
Ceramic Backing and Welder Qualification
Change from “Bridges” to “Dynamically Loaded Structures”
Cleaning of Completed Welds
Code Thickness Limitation
Code Thickness Limitations
Code Thickness Limitations for Performance and WPS Qualification
Combination of Qualified and Prequalified WPSs
Company Name Change
Condition of Adjacent Weld Areas
Corner Radii
Crushed Slag
Definition of “Partial” and “Spot”
Depth of Fusion
Designer’s Responsibility
Earlier Code Editions
Edge Blocks
Effect on WPS Qualification Because of Changes in Filler Metal Classification
Electrodes & Procedure Qualifications
Engineer Acceptance of Welder Qualification
Essential Variables
Essential Variables
Evidence of Qualification
Excessive Root Opening
Fatigue Figures
Filler Metal Requirements
Filler Welder Qualification
Fillet Weld Inspection
Fillet Weld Procedure Qualification
Fillet Weld Qualification by Pipe WPS
Fillet Weld WPS Qualification
Flux electrode classification essential variable
Gas Mixture
Groove Depth
IIW Blocks
Inspector Qualifications, Technician
Inspector Responsibilities
Low Hydrogen Welding Process for Base Metal Repair
Mill Scale on Flange Surfaces
Minimum reinforcement and Concave Profile for Arc Spot and Arc Seam Welds
Minimum Requirements
Nationally Approved NDT Qualification Schemes
NDT Level III Qualifications
NDT Operator Responsibilities
New Electrode Classification
Notches and Gouges on Oxygen Cut Surfaces
OEM’s Engineer
Other than Steel Backing and Prequalified Joints
Performance Qualification RT/Bend Requirements
Performance Qualification WPS
Pipe Welding Qualification
Power Source Calibration
Prequalified Flare Bevel Groove Weld Radius
Prequalified Joints
Prequalified Partial Joint Penetration Groove Welds
Prequalified Skewed T-Joints
Prequalified Welds
Prequalified WPS Requirements
Qualification of CJP Welds with Ceramic Backing
Qualification of Mixtures of Shielding Gases
Qualification of Multiple Welding Processes
Qualification of Welder to Fillet Weld Studs
Qualification of Welders for Structural Shapes and Tubular Joints over 24 in. in Diameter
Qualification Requirements
Qualification Responsibility
Qualification Supervision
Qualification to Other Codes
Qualifying Two Welders on One Joint for Pipe
Radiography of Welder Performance Qualification Test Plates
Recrushed Slag
Reentrant Corners
Reinforcing Fillet Welds
Root Openings
Runoff Tab Welds
Sample Forms and Required Information
Shelf Bars for Horizontal Column Splice Welds
Single Pass Fillet Weld Sizes
Single-V-Groove Butt Joints and Groove Type Qualification
Stud Material Selection
Substituting Bend Specimens
Surface Porosity
Table 4.2 Note d and Fillet Size
Test Plate Repair
Test Plate Root Opening Tolerances
Third Party Welder Qualification
Tools for Welder Qualification Test
Transition Joints
Ultrasonic (UT) acceptance Criteria
Ultrasonic Acceptance Tables
Ultrasonic Inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection
Unequal Leg Fillet Welds
UT Transducers
Valid Level III Certification
Variable parameters on welding procedures
Vibratory Stress Relief
Visual Inspection of Test Plate
Visual Inspection of Studs
Web Flatness Tolerances
Welder Qualification
Welder Qualification (Allowable Undercut)
Welder Qualification (Backgouged Joints)
Welder Qualification (Pipe Diameters Qualified)
Welder Qualification Acceptance under Other Codes
Welder Qualification and Position Qualified
Welder Qualification for Partial Penetration T-, Y-, and K-Connection
Welder Qualification Limitations
Welder Qualification Retests
Welder Qualification to Other Standards
Welder Requalification
Welder/Welding Operator Qualification
Welding of Nuts
Welding Personnel Qualification Responsibility
Welding Procedure Qualification for T-, Y- and K-Connections
Welding Procedure Qualification Using Plate for Pipe Application
Witness of Tests
WPS Qualification Tables
WPS Qualification using ASTM A 514