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Join an AWS Technical Committee Today

Thank you for your interest in contributing your professional expertise as a member of an AWS technical committee. There are approximately 200 committees and subcommittees made up of volunteers who provide technical input to produce documents detailing specifications, codes and recommended practices to serve the ever-changing welding industry. We welcome your inquiry into this important work.

Please complete the AWS Committee Membership Application and check off the committees you would like to join. A list of Technical Committees is included in the committee application to assist you in matching your expertise with an appropriate committee. Please note that because AWS uses email and the internet extensively in the standards development program, all new technical committee members are required to have email and internet access to participate in committee work. Therefore, be sure to provide your email address on the application. We will forward your application to the Committee Chair for consideration. While an applicant, you will receive almost all committee correspondence including notices of upcoming meetings. Each AWS Committee has its own criteria in evaluating applicants, but in general committees will wait until applicants actively participate in some committee activities before taking action on their application.

AWS is responsible for assuring that a true consensus document is realized and for publishing the document, but does not provide financial support to volunteer Technical Committee members. Some members are self-supported and others are supported by employers, but all are motivated by a desire to contribute to the body of technical information which has provided professional expertise, authority and stability to the welding industry through AWS since 1919. We appreciate your interest in joining this dedicated group in this important on-going process. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,

Andrew Davis
Managing Director, Technical Services