American Welding Society

About 15 years ago, WEMCO - An Association of Welding Manufacturers became an AWS Standing Committee dedicated to providing a common voice to the welding industry, government bodies and technical organizations worldwide. Today, this very influential and powerful association represents manufacturers making products for welding processes and applications. It provides valued-added information and services to end users, distributors and manufacturers in the welding industry.

WHO Are We?
The members of WEMCO are those manufacturers of high quality products and services that focus on supporting the U.S. and international welding markets.

WEMCO is an association committed to benefiting its members by sharing information within the welding industry.

WHY Do We Spend Time Doing It?
In order to better serve your customers, you need to know what the distributors and end-users are really looking for when it comes to purchasing and consuming the products you manufacture. The networking opportunities and communications within WEMCO focuses directly on the issues or questions you may have for the welding markets to help grow your business and brand awareness.

WHEN And WHERE Can You Find Us?
WEMCO is available to you throughout the year, as well as accessible through monthly e-briefs and quarterly newsletters that are sent to our members. WEMCO works to educate and enlighten its membership with the latest issues and/or trends in the welding industry. The networking available to you and your organization will well-surpass your own capabilities as an individual.

WEMCO's Mission
WEMCO shall provide forums for members to interact, socially and professionally; harmonize efforts for promotion, distribution, and acceptance of our products globally; and contribute to the well-being of the welding industry.

WEMCO's Vision
WEMCO shall provide an alliance between AWS and manufacturers of welding, cutting, and related welding-industry equipment.

WEMCO's Dedication
WEMCO is dedicated to providing senior management members of manufacturers servicing the welding industry a forum to:

  • Promote plans and programs, which benefit their understanding of welding equipment market trends and needs.
  • Share solutions to current industry, organizational and business problems/opportunities.
  • Promote their products and services worldwide.
  • Provide a common voice to the welding industry, government bodies and technical standards organizations worldwide.
  • Enhance the image of welding as a career choice and as an industry crucial to building and maintaining the worlds economic infrastructure.