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WEMCO, TheWelding Equipment Manufacturer's Committee, represents the best ofmanufacturing in the industry. WEMCO's determined commitment toquality, customer satisfaction and education is represented in thisShowcase. As you web-tour the newest products available to theindustry, remember your comments and feedback play a valuable part indesigning the tools of tomorrow.
Contact or visit product manufacturers via email or website. Contact WEMCO for more information.

Showcase Rules andRegulations      |      Adding your product to the Showcase


The WEMCO Manufacturer'sShowcase is an AWS web-based presentation of the latest products andservices of WEMCO members. While access to the Showcase is available toall with web-broswing capabilities, participation in the form ofproduct or service display is reserved for WEMCO member companies only.

Products showcased arelimited to three (3) products per member. The duration of the displaywill be determined by the participating member in the form of frequencyof new products or services presented for display. AWS and WEMCOreserve the right to edit or refuse any product or service for displayin the Showcase. Disputes arising between members will be settled atthe sole discretion of the WEMCO leadership.

Web-based banneradvertising for the Showcase will be at the discretion of AWS.Individual banner advertisements by the members are available throughregular AWS website advertising contracts.

Any changes to theproduct or service displayed must be received by the AWS Webmaster at webmaster@aws.org. A 72working-hour period will be in effect for changes to be made. Pageplacement of all products or services are at the sole discretion of theAWS Webmaster.

All displays in theShowcase are contingent with WEMCO member standing.

For more information orto join WEMCO contact Natalie Tapley at tapley@aws.orgor the AWS Webmaster at webmaster@aws.org.


All products or servicessubmitted for addition to the WEMCO Manufacturer's Showcase must bemade my members in good standing. Only WEMCO members may participate inthe showcase.

To enter your product into the Showcase you must notify WEMCO of yourintentions. A letter of acceptance will be forwarded by WEMCO to theAWS Webmaster.

Web-Ready GraphicImages
All graphic images to be displayed must be in either .gif or .jpgformat. File and size dimensions should be no greater than 72 pixelsper inch and measure 144 x 144 pixels. WEMCO reserves the right tochange these requirements.
All graphic files should be attached to email to: webmaster@aws.org.

Other Graphic Images
AWS and WEMCO realizes the constraints many may encounter inpreparation of web-ready graphics. For that reason you may submitgraphic files in the form of printed material or larger .tif files. Allsuch files should be submitted on Jazz or Zip Disk to:
American Welding Society
8669 Doral Blvd., Suite 130
Doral, Fl 33166

Accompanying Copy orText
Either by email or mail to the above mentioned addresses send theaccompanying copy/text for your product or service. Copy shouldinclude:

  • the product or service name
  • the manufacturer name
  • copy not to exceed 60 words
  • web address of manufacturer (specific webpage hosting moreinformation on the displayed product or service)
  • email address of the manufacturer's representative responsible forthe displayed product or service

AWS and WEMCO look forward to your participation and successin the WEMCO Manufacturer's Showcase!