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December WJ CoverDecember Online Reader
A Simple Approach to Hot Tap and Repair Sleeve Welding · Laser Surfacing with Wire Feeding · Adding Elegance and Security through Custom Ironwork · Finite Element Modeling of Complex Welded Structures · *Fatigue Behavior of Welded Joints Part 1 - Statistical Methods for Fatigue Life Prediction (.pdf) · *A mechanism of Spatter Production from the Viewpoint of the Integral of Specific Current Action (.pdf) · The integral of specific current action was used to quantitatively explain the mechanism of spatter production · *Development of Requirements for Resistance Spot Welding Dual-Phase (DP600) Steels Part 2: Statistical Analyses and Process Maps (.pdf)

November WJ CoverNovember Online Reader
A Simple Approach to Hot Tap and Repair Sleeve Welding · What Can We Do About Our Ailing Bridges? · Optimizing Power Distribution for Lean Welding Processes · Maintenance and Repair Welding in the Open Sea · *Effects of Process Parameters on Angular Distortion of Gas Metal Arc Welded Structural Steel Plates (.pdf) · *Development of Requirements for Resistance Spot Weldin g Dual-Phase (DP600) Steels Part 1 — The Causes of Interfacial Fracture (.pdf)

October WJ CoverOctober Online Reader
Brazing in Space: Enabling the Next Frontier · *Zeroing in on a Lead-Free Solder Database · Brazing Magnesium Alloys and Magnesium Matrix Composites · Advanced Milling Technology Helps Identify Phase Transformations · Advanced Milling Technology Helps Identify Phase Transformations · Students Explore Welding In Space · Tube Welding: The Foundation for Building Your Own Motorcycle · How to Choose a Welding Glove · Estimation of Cooling Rate in the Welding of Plates with Intermediate Thickness · Particle Size Distribution of Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding Fumes

September WJ CoverSeptember Online Reader
How to Avoid Cracking in Aluminum Alloys · Update: Using Transparent Welding Curtains · Delayed Cracking in Multipass Welds · Work Cell Safety Begins at the Borders · Robot Boosts Productivity for Custom Bike Builder · Protecting Welders from Head to Toe · Selecting the Proper Wrist Support · Designing Joints for Ultrasonic Welding of Plastics · Influence of Procedure Variables on C-N-Mn-Ni-Mo Metal Cored Wire Ferritic All-Weld Metal

August WJ CoverAugust Online Reader
Guidelines for Laser Welding of Sheet Metal · International Welding Fair: Schweissen & Schneiden 2005 · A Look at Remote Laser Beam Welding · 2005 AWS Welding Show in Review · Make Laser Assist Gas Delivery Flexible · One Head Does It All · What Makes a Winning Weld: Tips from the Pros · The Fiber Laser — A Newcomer for Material Welding and Cutting · Anatomy of a Welding Tournament · Determination of Optimal Welding Conditions with a Controlled Random Search Procedure · Constraints-Based Modeling Enables Successful Development of a Welding Electrode Specification for Critical Navy Applications ·

July Online Reader
Aluminum Weld HAZ Fundamentals · Understanding Stainless Steel Heat-Affected Zones · Power Supply Designed for Small-Scale Resistance Spot Welding · Exploring Temper Bead Welding · Hobart Marks 75 Years of Welder Education · Standardization in Welding · Reliable Calculations of Heat and Fluid Flow during Conduction Mode Laser Welding Through Optimization of Uncertain Parameters · Properties and Sulfide Stress Cracking Resistance of Coarse-Grained Heat-Affected Zones in V-Microalloyed X60 Steel Pipe

June Online Reader
Tube Welding Using the Pressure Balancing Technique · Orbital Welding for Brazilian Space Applications · Cold Metal Transfer Has a Future Joining Steel to Aluminum · How to Cup Walk · Fabricating an Offshore Cantilevered Deck Structure · Available: Ready-to-Work Welding Technicians and Engineers · Chemical Analysis of Welding Fume Particles · Service Life of Tungsten Electrodes in Hyperbaric Dry Underwater Welding

May Online Reader
Cold Spray: A New Technology · Solid Wire vs. Metal Cored Wire: Which Should Be Used to Optimize the Robotic Process? · Online Filler Metal Help · Corrosion Testing of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments · Obelisk Stands Sentry to Honor Heroes · School Builds Its Reputation on Students' Successes · Temperature-Indicating Methods Are Tested · Selecting the Right Type of Portable Wire Feeder · An Experimental Study Determines the Electrical Contact Resistance in Resistance Welding · Microstructural Characterization of a Double-Sided Friction Stir Weld on a Superaustenitic Stainless Steel

April Online Reader
Building a Pipeline in the Heart of Africa · Guidelines for ImplementingRobotic Arc Welding · Impact of H2 in Shielding Gas for Welding Austenitic Stainless Steels · What to See in Big D · Influence of Molybdenum on Ferritic High-Strength SMAW All-Weld-Metal Properties · Liquation Cracking in Full Penetration Al-Si Welds

March Online Reader
Motivation Drives the Moraine Valley Weld Lab · Monitor Measures Students' Welds · The Great Debate: Plasma or Oxyfuel? · Research + Patience = Transfer to Production · For Hire: Hands-on Problem Solvers · Development of Flux and Filler Metal for Brazing Magnesium Alloy AZ31B · Processing of Alumina-Niobium Interfaces via Liquid-Film-Assisted Joining

February Online Reader
Ultrasonic Spot Welding: A New Tool for Aluminum Joining · Electroslag Welding on New York's Triborough Bridge · Retrofitting San Francisco's Bay Bridges to Withstand Earthquakes · AC Pulsed GMAW Improves Sheet Metal Joining · Electroslag Welding Makes Comeback for Fabricating Bridges· The Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Weld-Induced Deformation in Ship Plate· Development of a Lightweight Fume Hood for Handheld Welding Guns

January Online Reader
Advances in Robotic Welding Technology · Trends in Aluminum Resistance Spot Welding for the Auto Industry · Welding through the Years: Vincent C. Greco · AC or DC for Resistance Welding Dual-Phase 600? · Crawl-type Robot Tackles Difficult Jobs · Friction Stir Welding of 2219 Aluminum: Behavior of q (Al2Cu) particles · Intelligent Control of Pulsed GTAW with Filler Metal · Characterization of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Resistance Welding Machines