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 WELDING JOURNAL - January 2005, Volume 84, Number 1
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welding journal January 2005 cover January, 2005

Advances in Robotic
Welding Technology

A roundup on robotic technology over the last two decades reveals an evolution to lighter, more compact, and less expensive models
J. Villafuerte

Trends in Aluminum Resistance Spot Welding for the Auto Industry
While resistance welding may be considered a mature process, the many patents filed each year on improvements belie its stodgy image and point to a healthy interest in innovations
D.J. Spinella et al.

Welding through the Years: Vincent C. Greco
After sixty years of welding and still going strong, Vincent Greco wouldn't thing of any other way to make his living
K. Campbell

AC or DC for Resistance Welding Dual-Phase 600?
A critical look is taken whether to use AC equipment or DC inverters to spot weld Dual-Phase 600 material
K. Hofman et al.

Crawl-type Robot Tackles Difficult Jobs
An innovative robot is developed to weld in difficult-to--access locations
J. Pan et al.


∗ Friction Stir Welding of 2219 Aluminum:
Behavior of q (Al2Cu) particles (pdf)

An experimental study was conducted into whether a workpiece reaches the lower bounds of melting temperature to trigger liquation when friction stir welded
G. Cao and S. Kou

∗ Intelligent Control of Pulsed GTAW with Filler Metal (pdf)
A visual imaging system provides feedback on weld shape for controlling welding on plates with varied root openings
G. J. Zhang et al.

∗ Characterization of Dynamic Mechanical Properties
of Resistance Welding Machines (pdf)

A test was devised to determine basic, independent machine parameters to help in the development of a model for predicting the mechanical dynamics of a resistance welding machine
P. Wu et al.


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