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 WELDING JOURNAL - February 2005, Volume 84, Number 2
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welding journal february 2005 cover February, 2005

Ultrasonic Spot Welding: A New Tool for Aluminum Joining
Lower cost is just one of the advantages ultrsonic spot welding offers for welding aluminum
E. Hetrick et al.

Electroslag Welding on New York's Triborough Bridge
The electroslag process was used to weld expansion joint beams for the Triborough Bridge
J. Hart et al.

Retrofitting San Francisco's Bay Bridges to Withstand Earthquakes
Five bridges in the San Francisco Bay area, including the famed Golden Gate Bridge, are being rebuilt or seismically retrofitted to meet new codes for bridge strength
R. Hetzendorfer

AC Pulsed GMAW Improves Sheet Metal Joining
New gas metal arc welding technology could prove useful for the mass production of aluminum vehicles
T. Ueyama et al.

Electroslag Welding Makes Comeback for Fabricating Bridges
Narrow groove improved electroslag welding allows one-pass welding of thick bridge members without preheat
W. Bong


∗ The Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Weld-Induced Deformation in Ship Plate (pdf)
An increase in carbon content proved beneficial in reducing thin plate distortion caused by welding
M. P. Lightfoot et al.

∗ Development of a Lightweight Fume Hood for Handheld Welding Guns (pdf)
A small welding hood that completely covered the weld area helped minimize fume emissions
N. Turkem et al.


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