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 WELDING JOURNAL - April 2005, Volume 84, Number 4
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welding journal April 2005 coverApril, 2005

Building a Pipeline in the
Heart of Africa
A new fabrication facility was constructed to build and erect all subassemblies for the 670-mile Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project
J. G. Emmerson

Guidelines for Implementing
Robotic Arc Welding
These tips will help you identify and solve common robotic automation problems
T. Merrifield

Impact of H2 in Shielding Gas for Welding Austenitic
Stainless Steels
Hydrogen-containing shielding gases do not lead to hydrogen-induced cracking in GTAW of austenitic stainless steels
M. R. Louthan, Jr., and G. R. Cannell

What to See in Big D
Fun things to see and do in Dallas
H. M. Woodward


*Influence of Molybdenum on Ferritic High-Strength
SMAW All-Weld-Metal Properties (pdf)
As molybdenum increased, hardness, yield, and tensile
strengths increased for high-strength SMAW electrode weld metal
E. Surian et al.

*Liquation Cracking in Full Penetration Al-Si Welds (pdf)
An investigation showed high-Si, Al-Si casting alloys could backfill and
heal liquation cracks in welds no matter which filler metal was used
G. Cao and S. Kou et al.


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