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December WJ CoverDecember  Online Reader
Welding NASCAR's New Materials ·Impact of Digital Technology on Stud Welding · Taking Welding to the Track · Gas Purging Optimizes Root Welds ·
*Simulation of Weld Pool Dynamics in the Stationary Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding Process and Final Weld Shape · *A New Heat Source Model for Keyhole Plasma Arc Welding in FEM Analysis of the Temperature Profile · *Toward a Unified Model to Prevent Humping Defects in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding· *Exploring the Mechancial Properties of Spot Welded Dissimilar Joints for Stainless and Galvanized Steels

November WJ CoverNovember Online Reader
Controlling Chromium Fumes ·Weld Cracking Linked to Wires Containing Boron · Filtration System Saves by Keeping the Air Inside ·Building Submarine Components from Duplex Stainless Steels ·
Understanding AC GTAW Balance Control · Tips for Welding with Self-Shielded Flux Cored Wires ·A Look at Owning Your Own Weld Shop · Welding Boiler Tubes · *A Genetic Algorithm and Gradient-Descent-Based Neural Network with the Predictive Power of a Heat and Fluid Flow Model for Welding · *Looking at the Sensitization of 11-12% Chromium EN 1.4003 Stainless Steels During Welding · *Development of an Explosive Welding Process for Producting High-Strength Welds between Niobium and 6061-T651 Aluminum · *Effect of Defects on Fatigue Strength of GTAW Repaired Cast Aluminum Alloy

September WJ CoverOctober Online Reader
Laser Shock Peening Improves Fatigue Life of Lightweight Alloys ·Developments in Diverless Subsea Welding · Welding the World's Highest Walkway · Heat-Affected Zone Characterization by Physical Simulations ·
*Structural Stability of Dissimilar Weld between Two Cr-Mo-V Steels · *New Developments with C-Mn-Ni in High-Strength Steel Weld Metals - Part B, Mechancial Properties · *The Effect of Out-of-Phase Pulsing on Metal Transfer in Twin-Wire GMA Welding at High Current Level

September WJ CoverSeptember Online Reader
The Benefits of Real-Time Corrosion Monitoring · Flux Laminated Alloy Improves Air Atmosphere Brazing · Strategies to Prevent Hot Cracks in Brazed Sheet Metal Structures · Troubleshooting Controlled-Atmosphere Brazing Furnaces · Applying Localized Heat for Brazing and Soldering · Improving the Soldering of Magnesium Alloys ·
What to Consider When Using Brazing Preforms · Better Brazing of Air Conditioners  ·New Sandwich Alloy Improves Reliability of Saw Blades ·*Comparison of Buckling Distortion Propensity for SAW, GMAW, and FSW · *Exploring Solid-State Synthesis of Powder Filler Metals for Vacuum Brazing of Titanium Alloys · *New Developments with C-Mn-Ni High-Strength Steel Weld Metals, Part A-Microstructure

July WJ CoverAugust Online Reader
Single-Sided Resistance Spot Welding for Auto Body Assembly · Resistance Spot Welding of Coated High-Strength Dual-Phase Steels · Reducing Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium in Welding Fumes · What You Need to Know About Remote Laser Welding · Simulation Software Helps Automakers · Aluminum GTAW Basics · *Evaluation of Chemical Composistion Limits of GMA Welding Electrode Specifications for HSLA-100 steel · *Using a Hybrid Laser Plus GMAW Process for Controlling the Bead Humping Defect
· *End Point Detection of Fillet Weld Using Mechanized Rotating Arc Sensor in GMAW

July WJ CoverJuly Online Reader
Hardfacing Tips and Techniques · The Fundamentals of Explosion Welding · Application of Fiber Lasers to Pipeline Girth Welding · Exploring Trends in Hardfacing · What You Can Do with Explosion Welding · Controlling Heat Input by Measuring Net Power · *Characterization of Submerged Arc Welds from the World Trade Center Towers: As-Deposited Welds and Failures Associated with Impact Damage of the Exterior Columns · *Investigating the Bifurcation Phenomenon in Plate Welding

May WJ CoverJune Online Reader
Controlling Heat Treatment of Welded P91 · Plasma Arc Cutting Offers Savings to Concrete Recycling Facility · Dry Hyperbaric Welding of Subsea Pipelines · Orbital GTAW Boosts Production of Leak-Free Tubing · Laser Cutting Helps Create New Defense Machinery · Titanium Emerges as New Seawater Piping for Navy Vessels · Joining Pipe with the Hybrid Laser-GMAW Process: Weld Test Results and Cost Analysis · *Mechanical Behaviors of Resistance Spot Welds during Pry-Checking Test · *The Relationship between Boron Content and Crack Properties in FCAW Deposited Metal

May WJ CoverMay Online Reader
Reconditioning Power-Generation Components with Thermal Spray · Masking for Thermal Spray Coatings · Assessing Toughness Levels for Steels to Determine the Need for PWHT · Grit Blasting: Starting Your Thermal Spray Job Correctly · *Prediction of Ferrite Number of Duplex Stainless Steel Clad Metals Using RSM · *Welding Aluminum Sheet Using a High-Power Diode Laser · *Predictions of Microstructures when Welding Automotive Advanced High-Strength Steels

April Online Reader
Back to Basics: Using a Buried Gas Metal Arc for Seam Welds · What's Up with Wire Feeders? · Joining Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys · Welding Aluminum Pipe and tube with Variable Polarity · Going Nuclear · A Brief History of Aluminum · Sister and Brother Team Study Welding · *Microstructure and Microchemistry of Hard Zone in Dissimilar Weldments of Cr-Mo Steels · *Active Soldering of ITO to Copper · *Investigating the Spot Weld Fatigue Crack Growth Process Using X-ray Imaging

March Online Reader
Friction Stir Welding After a Decade of Development · An Analysis of Resistance Spot Welding · Friction Stir Welding Vs. Fusion Welding · Investigating Resistance and Friction Stir Welding Processes for Joining Magnesium · Friction Stir Welding Flies Hish at NASA · A Look at Rocker Arm Spot Welding Machines · A Review of Postweld Heat Treatment Code Exemptions · *Design of Experiment Analysis and Weld Lobe Estimation for Aluminum Resistance Spot Welding · *Arc Behavior and Melting Rate in the VP-GMAW Process · *Finite Element Modeling Predicts the Effects of Voids on Thermal Shock Reliability and Thermal Resistance of Power Device

February Online Reader
Troubleshooting the GMAW Process · Exposition Proves to Be a Technology Showcase · Monuments in Metals - The Olympic Artist's Tale · His Fantasies Flare to Life in Metal · The First Big Breaks · *Ranking the Resistance of Wrought Superalloys to Strain-Age Cracking · *Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Restraining Forces in Gas Metal Arc Welded Joints

January Online Reader
Managing Thermite Weld Quality for Railroads · How to Build a 'Lean' Team · Guide to Joint Design for Welding Ship Hulls · Essen Welding Fair Abounds with Technology · Hybrid EBS Process Joins Heavy-Duty Impellers · *A Novel Edge Feature Correlation Algorithm for Real-Time Computer Vision-Based Molten Weld Pool Measurements · *Predicting and Reducing Liquation-Cracking Susceptibility Based on Temperature vs. Fraction Solid · *Fatigue Behavior of Welded Joints Part 2: Physical Modeling of the Fatigue Process