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 WELDING JOURNAL - July 2006, Volume 85, Number 7
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WJ Cover July 2006
July 2006


Hardfacing Tips and Techniques
These tips can help you select the hardfacing alloy and application pattern that will best suit your needs
C. Monroe

The Fundamentals of Explosion Welding
Explosion welding offers advantages for joining metals that frequently would be considered incompatible
C. Merriman

Application of Fiber Lasers to Pipeline Girth Welding
Today's fiber lasers offer capabilities that could make them useful for field welding of cross-country pipelines
C. Thomy et al.

Exploring Trends in Hardfacing
This process extends the service life of components, eliminating expensive equipment downtime
W. Wahl

What You Can Do with Explosion Welding
Here's a look at just some of the applications for which explosion welding can prove useful
D. Cutter

Controlling Heat Input by Measuring Net Power
At constant travel speed, net power is directly responsible for physical and metallurgical changes in the metal being welded
V. Malin and F. Sciammarella


Characterization of Submerged Arc Welds from the World Trade Center Towers:  As Deposited Welds and Failures Associated with Impact Damage of the Exterior Columns (.pdf)
Intact and aircraft impact-damaged welds from the exterior columns of the World Trade Center Towers were evaluated in order to learn lessons that can be used to improve future structures
S. W. Banovic and T. A. Siewert

Investigating the Bifurcation Phenomenon in Plate Welding (.pdf)
An integrated experimental and numerical approach was used to examine the buckling phenomenon during the weld cooling cycle
C. L. Tsai et al.


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