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 WELDING JOURNAL - October 2006, Volume 85, Number 10
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WJ Cover October 2006
October 2006


Laser Shock Peening Improves Fatigue Life of Lightweight Alloys
The need to reduce weight has led the navy to use lightweight alloys for ship construction and to technologies such as laser shock peening to enhance the fatigue life of those materials
K. N. Tran et al.

Developments in Diverless Subsea Welding
Fully remote diverless technology has been developed that performs fillet weld sleeve repairs and hyperbaric GMAW hot tapping.
N. Woodward

Welding the World's Highest Walkway
Workers have employed tandem submerged arc welding to build a glass-floored walkway suspended above the western rim of the Grand Canyon

Heat-Affected Zone Characterization by Physical Simulations
The advantages and disadvantages of physical simulations as applied to heat-affected zone characterizations are outlined
Y. Adonyi


Structural Stability of Dissimilar Weld between Two Cr-Mo-V Steels (.pdf)
The structural stability of welds in 6Cr-Mo-V 8-3-2 and X12Cr-Mo-Nv 10-1 steels was studied to better understand the properties of heterogeneous weld joints in creep-resistant steels
  R. Foret et al.

New Developments with C-Mn-Ni in High-Strength Steel Weld Metals - Part B, Mechanical Properties (.pdf)
The mechancial properties of shielded metal arc welds with varying compositions of carbon, manganese, and nickel were studied to determine the optimal combination of strength and impact toughness
E. Keehan et al.

The Effect of Out-of-Phase Pulsing on Metal Transfer in Twin-
Wire GMA Welding at High Current Level
A study of deposit transfer and arc characteristics showed conventional, nonpulsing gas metal arc welding machines can produce quality weldments
A. Scotti et al.


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