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 WELDING JOURNAL - November 2006, Volume 85, Number 11
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WJ Cover November 2006
November 2006


Controlling Chromium Fumes
There is a way to calculate the new tougher OSHA fume exposure requirement to hexavelent chromium and to capture those fumes
E. Ravert

Weld Cracking Linked to Wires Containint Boron
Cracks in flux cored arc welds at two paper mills initiated an investigation into the causes and resulted in recommendations for avoiding cracks in the future
J. J. Perdomo et al.

Filtration System Saves by Keeping the Air Inside
An auto supplier uses a filtration system that circulates the clean air back into the plant, saving on heating and air-conditioning costs

Building Submarine Components from Duplex Stainless Steels
A special electrode is developed to join duplex stainless steel to quenched and tempered low-alloy steel
R. G. Murray and N. Cooper


Understanding AC GTAW Balance Control
Square wave power source technology and its significance to welding aluminum are explained
B. Williams

Tips for Welding with Self-Shielded Flux Cored Wires
A welding engineer offers advice on using T-8 self-shielded flux cored electrodes

A Look at Owning Your Own Weld Shop
A one-time welding instructor takes on the double challenge of opening his own welding shop and starting a welder training program
K. Campbell

Welding Boiler Tubes
Two welders share the task of joining boiler tubes with a technique known as "buddy welding"
R. Wilkerson


A Genetic Algorithm and Gradient-Descent-Based Neural Network with the Predictive Power of a Heat and Fluid Flow Model for Welding (.pdf)
A Neural network trained with data from numerical heat and fluid flow models was developed to speed parameter calculations for gas tungsten arc welding
S. Mishra and T. DebRoy

Looking at the Sensitization of 11-12% Chromium EN 1.4003 Stainless Steels During Welding (.pdf)
Low-carbon, chromium ferritic steels were investigated for susceptibility to sensitization during continuous cooling after low-heat-input welding
M. L. Greeff and M. du Toit

Development of an Explosive Welding Process for Producing High-Strenth Welds between Niobium and 6061-T651 Aluminum(.pdf)
Thin interlayers of niobium and aluminum were used to improve the properties of the joint between thicker plates
T. A. Palmer et al.

Effect of Defects on Fatigue Strength of GTAW Repaired Cast Aluminum Alloy(.pdf)
Porosity in cast aluminum welds was identified with inconsistent fatigue strength
L. Li et al.


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