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 WELDING JOURNAL - December 2006, Volume 85, Number 12
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WJ Cover December 2006
December 2006


Welding NASCAR's New Materials
Although NASCAR® strictly regulates the materials that can be used for specific parts, newer materials such as Inconel® 625 and chrome-moly 4130 are making their way onto the "stock"cars
D. Klingman

Impact of Digital Technology on Stud Welding
Digital stud welding equipment offers increased productivity and reliability

Taking Welding to the Track
Small, portable GMAW machines offer versatility and weight savings for NASCAR® racing teams
A. Wyenberg

Gas Purging Optimizes Root Welds
Purging gas contaiminatns from the weld area ensures weld root quality when making tubular joints
M. Fletcher


Simulation of Weld Pool Dynamics in the Stationary Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding Process and Final Weld Shape (.pdf)
A numerical model of pulsed gas metal arc welding accurately predicted weld pool fluid flow convection and final weld shape
M. H. Cho et al.

A New Heat Source Model for Keyhole Plasma Arc Welding in FEM Analysis of the Temperature Profile (.pdf)
A new heat source model for plasma arc welding was developed to consider the configuration of the keyhole and the decay of heat intensity distribution along the workpiece thickness
C. S. Wu et al.

Toward a Unified Model to Prevent Humping Defects in gas Tungsten Arc Welding(.pdf)
A comprehensive, computational model was developed that can predict and prevent the formation of humping defects
A. Kumar and T. DebRoy

Exploring the Mechancial Properties of Spot Welded Dissimilar Joints for Stainless and Galvanized Steels(.pdf)
The goal of this investigation was to determine the spot welding parameters and to characterize the mechanical properties of dissimilar metal joints
M. Alenius et al.


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