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December Online Reader
Titanium Welding 101: Best GTA Practices · Fifty Years of Nonvacuum Electron Beam Welding · The Other Resistance Process: Cross Wire Welding
·  The Welding of Titanium and Its Alloys *A PVD Joining Hybrid Process for manufacturing Complex Metal Composites *Weld-Bottom Macrosegregation Caused by Dissimlar Filler Metals *Transferring Electron Beam Welding Parameters Using the Enhanced Modified Faraday Cup

November Online Reader
Building Tank Cars from the Ground Up · Securing Containers of Radioactive Materials · Decisions to Make before Automating
·  AWS Adds Two-Run Option for Flux-Electrode Classification ·  *Fusion-Boundary Macrosegregation in Dissimilar-Filler Metal Al-Cu Welds *Sulfide-Induced Corrosion of Copper-Silver-Phosphorus Brazed Joints in Welding Transformers *Response of Exothermic Additions to the Flux Cored Arc Welding Electrode - Part 2 *The Discontinuous Weld Bead Defect in High-Speed Gas Metal Arc Welds

October Online Reader
Innovative Repair Quickly Returns Nuclear Power Plant to Service · Laser Hybrid Welding in the Automotive Industry · Hybrid Welding: An Alternative to SAW
·  Practical Applications for Hybrid Laser Welding ·  A Preview of the Thermal Spray Pavilion ·  Demystifying GMAW Gun Ratings ·  Students Learn Modern Skills from Ancient Reptiles · A Brief History of Filler Metals · Welding Offers Women New Career Opportunities · *Response of Exothermic Additions to the Flux Cored Arc Welding Electrode - Part 1 *Fusion-Boundary Macrosegregation in Dissimilar-Filler Welds *Improving Reliability of Heat Transfer and Materials Flow Calculations during Friction Stir Welding of Disssimilar Aluminum Alloys *Image Processing for Measurement of Three-Dimensional GTA Weld Pool Surface

September Online Reader
What Your Distributor Can Offer You · Environmental Mandates and Soldering Technology: The Path Forward · Advancing the Science of Automatic Brazing
·  Determining Solder Alloy and Base Metal Compatibility ·  Brazing Ceramic to Stainless Steel Enhanced by Surface Modification ·  Brazing Titanium for Structural and Vehicle Applications ·  A Study on the Effect of Brazing Time on Element Diffusion ·  *Simulation Study of a Hybrid Process for the Prevention of Weld Bead Hump Formation *Failure of Welded Floor Truss Connections from the Exterior Wall during Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers *Control of Diffusible Weld Metal Hydrogen through Flux Chemistry Modification *The Influence of Molybdenum on Stainless Steel Weld Microstructures

August Online Reader
Company Takes Its Shop to the Utah Wilderness · P91 and Beyond · Modular Fixturing Helps Fab Shop Maintain Tight Tolerances
·  Tips for GTA Welding 4130 Chrome-Moly Steel Tubing ·  *Computational Kinetics Simulation of the Dissolution and Coarsening in the HAZ during Laser Welding of 6061-T6 Al-Alloy *The Influence of Oxygen on the Nitrogen Content of Autogenous Stainless Steel Arc Welds *Double-Electrode GMAW Process and Control *A Look at the Optimization of Robot Welding Speed Based on Process Modeling *Repair Techniques for Fusion Reactor Applications

July Online Reader
How to Choose Electrodes for Joining High-Strength Steels · Energy Saving Tips for Ducted Weld Fume Systems · Selecting and Caring for Flux Cored Wire
·  Design Considerations for Robotic Welding Cell Safety ·  Sorting out Certifications for Welding Consumables *Comparison of Friction Stir Weldments and Submerged Arc Weldments in HSLA-65 Steel *Variable AC Polarity GTAW Fusion Behavior in 5083 Aluminum *Thermal Stresses in Butt-Jointed Thick Plates from Different Materials *Examining the Bimetallic Joint of Orthorhombic Titanium Aluminide and Titanium Alloy (Diffusion Welding)

June Online Reader
Exploring Methods for Measuring Pipe Weld Toughness · Ultrasonic Welding Plays Key Role in Photovoltaic Cell Assembly ·  Historic Welding Project Now Declassified · Techniques for Successfully Welding Alloy Pipe ·
Underwater Cables Joined with Orbital Welding · Using Mechanized Welding on Large-Diameter Pipes · the weld-wide web · *Tensile and Fracture Behavior of Pulsed Gas Metal Arc-Welded Al-Cu-Li · *The Effect of Coatings on the Resistance Spot Welding Behavior of 780 MPa Dual-Phase Steel · *The Effect of Chromium on the Weldability and Microstructure of Fe-Cr-Al Weld Cladding · *Low-Speed Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6 Using a 300-W, Single-Mode, Ytterbium Fiber Laser.

May Online Reader
Investigating Fiber Lasers for Shipbuilding and Marine Construction · Stainless Steel Welding Soars to New Heights ·  Laser Beam Welding: Benefits, Strategies, and Applications · The Greatest Story Never Told: EB Welding on the F-14 ·
Advanced Laser Technology Applied to Cladding and Buildup · Improving Laser Welding Efficiency ·   *Effects of Sheet Surface Conditions on Electrode Life in Resistance Welding Aluminum · *Optimum Evaluation for Electron Beam Weldments of AZ61A-F Extruded Plates · *Application of Magnetic Pulse Welding for Aluminum Alloys and SPCC Steel Sheet Joints · *Weldability Evaluation of Supermartensitic Stainless Pipe Steels *Prediction of Element Transfer in Submerged Arc Welding.

April Online Reader
'Project Lead the Way' Attracts Students to Engineering Careers ·Applying Lean to Welding Operations · Unions Offer Comprehensive Welder Training · Undergraduate Welding Research at LeTourneau University ·
Company Tackles Welder Shortage by Opening Welding School · Plus the American Welder: Assuring Accurate Preheat Temperatures· Understanding the New Hexavelent Chromium Standards · College Program Grooms Hish Schoolers for Welding Careers · *Effects of Sheet Surface Conditions on Electrode Life in Resistance Welding Aluminum · *A Wavelet Transform-Based Approach for Joint Tracking in Gas Metal Arc Welding · *A look at the Statistical Identification of Critical Process Parameters in Friction Stir Welding · *Examination of Crater Crack Formation in Nitrogen-Containing Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds.

March WJ CoverMarch Online Reader
Intelligent Vision Boosts Robot Payback ·AWS 2006 Expo in Review · Sturdy Exam Tables Rely on Robotic Welding · Plus Brazing and Soldering Today: Advancements in Flux Cored and Flux Coated Brazing Products ·
The Brazer's Question: Paste or Preforms? · Challenges in Attaining Lead-Free Solders · Comparison of Braze and Solder Materials for Joining Titanium to Composites · Soldering Aluminum Matrix Composites · *Fabrication of a Carbon Steel-to-Stinless Steel Transition Joint Using Direct Laser Deposition - A Feasibility Study · *Influence of Lubricants on Electrode Life in Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminum Alloys · *Estimation of Weld Quality in High-Frequency Electric Resistance Welding with Image Processing

February WJ CoverFebruary Online Reader
Reducing Shrinkage Voids in Resistance Spot Welds ·New AWS D1.8 Seismic Welding Supplement Outlined · Making Resistance Spot Welding Safer · Inspecting RSW Electrodes and Welds with Laser-Based Imaging ·
Reducing Resistance Welding Costs · *A Methodology for Prediction of Fusion Zone Shape · *A New Proposal of HAZ Toughness Evaluation Method: Part 2 - HAZ Toughness Formulation by Chemical Compositions · *Technical Note: Martensite Formation in Austenitic/Ferritic Dissimilar Alloy Welds

January WJ CoverJanuary Online Reader
Investing in Welding's Future ·Welding Superalloys for Aerospace Applications · Electron Beam Brazing for In-Space Construction · What's New in Cutting ·
Laser Engineered Net Shaping Advances Additive Manufacturing and Repair · *A New Proposal of HAZ Toughness Evaluation Method - Part 1: HAZ Toughness of Structural Steel in Multilayer and Single-Layer Weld Joints · *Measuring On-Line and Off-Line Noncontact Ultrasound Time of Flight Weld Penetration Depth · *Effects of Fusion Zone Size and Failure Mode on Peak Load and Energy Absorption of Advanced Hish-Strength Steel Spot Welds · *Tailoring Fillet Weld Geometry Using a Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Trained with Convective Heat Flow Calculations