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December Online Reader
Welding Steel Sheet with a Modified Short Circuiting Process · Brazing and Soldering Engineering Course Indtorduced at OSU · Understanding Resistance Spot Welding of Advanced High-Strength Steels · The Role of Tip Dressing in Modern Auto Body Construction · *Evaluation of Dissimilar Welds between Ferritic Stainless Steel Modified 12% Cr and Carbon Steel S355 · *Influence of Induction and Furnace Postweld Heat Treatment on Corrosion Properties of SAF2205 (UNS 31803)

November Online Reader
Reducing Mn Fumes through Electrode Development · The Experts Speak out on Issues Facing Our Industry · Nanofibers Offer Filtering Efficiency and Money Savings · How to Properly Care for Flame-Resistant Garments · Clean up with the Three Cs: Capture, Carry, Contain · Underwater Weldr Training from an Engineer's Prospective · Ohio State Engineering Students Take on the Moonbuggy Challenge · Novel Thermal Spray Technique Plants the Seed of Artistic Creativity · *Estimating Welding Preheat Requirements for Unknown Grades of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels · *Effect of Martensite Start and Finish Temperature on Residual Stress Development in Structural Steel Welds.

October Online Reader
A New Road for Automotive Architectures · Protecting Sensors in the Weld Cell: The Fastedst Way to Increase Productivity · Study Yields Zero Weld Defects in Auto Seat Frames · Effects of Joint Clearance on the Capillary Rise of a Molten Filler Metal · Comparing Metal-Ceramic Brazing Methods · AWS Breaks New Ground with Soldering Specification · Head to Orlando for the Latest in Brazing and Soldering · *A Gleeble®-based Method for Ranking the Strain-Age Cracking Susceptibility of Ni-Based Superalloys · *Ductility-Dip Cracking Susceptibility of Nickel-Based Weld Metals Part 1: Strain-to-Fracture Testing · *Robotic Stud Welding Process Optimization with Designed Experiment

September Online Reader
A Novel Method for Preparing Welding Wire Surfaces
· A Preview of the 2008 Changes: D1.1, Structural Welding Code - Steel · Claddin in Marine Applications Using Direct-Diode Lasers · Nuclear Fuel Plate Fabrication Employing Friction Welding · Benefits of the Magnetic Pulse Process for Welding Dissimilar Metals · *Automatic Weld Planning by Finite Element Simulation and Iterative Learning · *Analysis of Metal Transfer and Correlated Influcences in Dual-Bypass GMAW of Aluminum · *Defining a Critical Weld Dilution to Avoid Solidification Cracking in Aluminum

August Online Reader
Thermal Spray Cooling Using Cryogenic Nitrogen
· Workforce Development Programs Combat Welder Shortage · Thermal Spray Techniques for Deep Bore Applications · Chicago Aims to Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to the City · Cold Spray: A Solution for Architectural Glass · Off-Line Development of Robot Motion Programs ·  Engineer Motivates Texas Schools to Offer Career Courses in Welding · Comparison of Deposits of Wires Applied by Welding, Thermal Spraying, and Spray and Fuse · *Development of High-Temperature Air Braze Filler Metals for Use in Two-Step Joining and Sealing Processes · *Liquation Tendency and Liquid-Film Formation in Friction Stir Spot Welding · *Modeling and Analysis of the Arc Light Spectrum in GMAW.

July Online Reader
Packaging for Productivity
· Save Time and Money with Resistance Welding Simulation Software · Improved Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding Nets Higher Productivity · Welding Weaves Live Entertainment Magic · *Liquation of Mg Alloys in Friction Stir Spot Welding · *Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Friction Welding Process for the 4340 Steel and Mild Steel Combinations · *A Friction-Based Finite Element Analysis of Ultrasonic Consolidation

June Online Reader
New Socket Weld Repair Method: Strong and Effective
· Ohio Welder Combines Artistry with Practicality ·  When to Specify Welded, Welded and Drawn, or Seamless Tubing · Welcome to Weld Camp · Mechanized Weld Buildup Repairs Coker · GMAW Options Offer Increased Productivity for Pipe Fab Shops · *Effect of GMAW Process and Material Conditions on DP 780 and TRIP 780 Welds · *Adams Lecture: A New Path Forward for Understanding Microstructural Evolution during Welding

May Online Reader
Selecting a Nondestructive Testing Method: Ultrasonic Testing
· Choosing Shielding Gases for Gas Metal Arc Welding · Utilizing a Predictive Tool for Designing Welded Aluminum Components · Using Inert Gases for Weld Purging · *Characterization of Titanium/Steel Joints Brazed in Vacuum · *The Welding Characteristics of a New Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy Designed to Resist Wet Process Phosphoric Acid · *Metal Transfer during GMAW with Thin Electrodes and Ar-CO2 Shielding Gas Mixtures

April Online Reader
Electrode Life: A Measure of System Performance in Plasma Cutting
· Pipeline Weld Discontinuities Too Small to Matter · Plasma Cutting Systems Combine Wersatility with Efficiency · Friction Stir Welding of Thick-Walled Aluminum Pressure Vessels · Addressing the Welder Shortage: Lessons from Alberta · Welding Instruction *Measurement and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Specular Gas Tungsten Arc Weld Pool Surface *Predicting Resistance Spot Weld Failure Modes in Shear Tension Tests of Advanced High-Strength Automotive Steels · *Characterization of Welding Fume from SMAW Electrodes - Part 1

March Online Reader
What it Takes to Be AWS Certified · Amporphous Filler Metals Offer Great Potential for Joining Magnesium Alloys · Joining of High-Strength Aluminum-Based Materials with Tin-Based Solders · A Look at the Development of Magnesium-Based Filler Metals · Advantages of Flux Cored Alloys for Open Air Brazing · *High-Strength Steel Weldin with Consumable Double-Electrode Gas Metal Arc Welding · *Characterization of High-Strength Steel Weld Metals: Chemical Composition, Microstructure, and Nonmetallic Inclusions · *Characterization Procedure for the Analysis of Arc Welding Fume

February Online Reader
Specialty Cored Wires for Weear and Corrrosion Applications · A Recap of the 2007 AWS Expo · Laser Cladding Basics · *The Mechanism of Ductility Dip Cracking in Nickel-Chromium Alloys · *Consumable Double-Electrode GMAW Part II: Monitoring, Modeling, and Control · *Observation of Arc Start Instability and Spatter Generation in GMAW

January Online Reader
Tips for Better Weld Finishing ·Navy Works to Extend Life of Hovercraft · Innovative Process Improves Welding of Sheet Metal Parts ·
*A New Approach to Quantitative Evaluation of a Design for Brazed Structures · *Consumable Double-Electrode GMAW - Part 1: The Process · *Effects of FTemporal Pulse Shaping on Cracking Susceptibility of 6061-T6 Aluminum Nd: YAG Laser Welds