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Welding Journal - December 2009 December Online Reader
Dressing for Welding Success · Ways to Prevent Oxidation in Stainless Steel Pipe Welds · Ensuring Quality in Resistance Spot Welds · Validating the Resistance Spot Welds · Essen Welding and Cutting Fair Comes Up Big in a Down Economy · *A Novel Preweld Laser Surface Treatment for Enhanced Intergranular Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments · *Steel Thermal Sprayed Coatings: Superficial Hardening by Nitrogen Ion Implantation

Welding Journal - November 2009 November Online Reader
Using Tandem Gas Metal Arc Welding to Create Heavy Weldments · Transitioning from 'We Protect' to 'We Build' America · Metallurical characterization of nitronic-60 to PH 15-5 Stainless Steel Inertia Welds · Take the Path to Become a Certified Welding Fabricator · Women Discover Career choices in Welding · *Al-to-Mg Friction Stir Welding: Effect of Positions of Al and Mg with Respect to the Welding Tool · *Microstructural and mechanical Characteriztion of Friction Stir Butt Joint Welded 63% Cu-37% Zn Brass Plate

Welding Journal - October 2009 October Online Reader
Aluminum's Role in Welded Fabrications · Evaluating Margins of Safety in Brazed Joints · Solving the Problems Inherent to Torch Brazing Aluminum · Soldering Silver to Aluminum and copper for Cryogenic Applications · Testing Sinter Braze Integrity Using Resonant Inspection · *Transient High-Frequency Welding Simulations of Dual-Phase Steels · *Near Weld Interface Compositional Variations in Low-Alloy Steel Weldments

Welding Journal - September 2009 September Online Reader
Orbital Welding of Titanium Pipe for U.S. Navy Ships · Understanding Weld Cracking · Barge Builder's Gantry Boosts Weld Quality · Repairing Cracks in Refinery Heat Exchangers · Tandem Wire Processs Improves Ship Panel Production · The American Welder: Minimizing Defects in Submerged Arc Welding · Welder Achieves New Heights with High-Tech Chair · Plasma Arc Offers Cut Quality · *Crack-Free Electron Beam Welding of Allvac 718Plus® Superalloy · *Mechanical Properties Characterization of Heat-Affected Zone Using the Small Punch Test

Welding Journal - August 2009 August Online Reader
Converting Waste into a Welding and Cutting Fuel · Essen Welding Show 2009 Dubbed the Olypics of Welding Technology · Robotic Fabrication of Wind Turbine Power Generators · Advancements in Ultrasonic Phased Arrays · Wind Turbine Welding System Uses Linear motion Modules · The Evolution of Weld Inspection in the Automotive Industry · *Hybrid Laser Arc Welding of HY-80 Steel · *Welding of Galvanized Dual-Phase 980 Steel in a Gap-Free Lap Joint Configuration

Welding Journal - July 2009 July Online Reader
Using Thermal Spray to Conserve Resources · Who Chooses a Welding Career? · Cost-Effective Thermal Spray Coatings for the Boiler Industry · Thermal Spraying Takes Center Stage at Summit · Thermal Spraye Deposits Shield Structrues from Corrosion · Nano Powders Improve Wear Resistance of Coatings · *Error analysis of a Three-Dimensional GTA Weld Pool Surface Measurement System · *Ultrasonic Metal Welding Process Robustness in Aluminum Automotive Body Construction Applications

Welding Journal - June 2009 June Online Reader
'Those Were the Days' · Evaluating SMAW Electrodes for Coke Drum Construction · Anniversary Highlights · 1919 A Year of Innovation and Change · Preventing Shock during SMAW · Vision-Based Spatter Classification for Contaminant Detection · *Ductility-Dip Cracking Susceptibility of Nickel-Based Weld Metals:Part2 - Microstructural Characterization

Welding Journal - May 2009 May Online Reader
Welding for New Nuclear Power Plants: Building on Experience · Friction Stir Process Now Welds Steel Pipe · Proper Preparation: The Key to Successful Pipe Welds · Automation Optimizes Nuclear Component Fabrication · New Technology Doubles Contractor's Pipe Welding Output · Influence of Nanoscale Marble (Calcium Carbonate CaCO3) on Properties of D600R Surfacing Electrode · The Effect of High-Temperature Eutectic-Forming Impurities on Aluminum 7108 Weldability · *Mathematical Modeling of Electrode Cooling in Resistance Spot Welding

Welding Journal - April 2009 April Online Reader
Know the Keys for matching Filler Metals to Your Base Material · Addressing the Fugure Shortage of Welding and Joining Technicians · Brazing and Soldering Today: Brazing: An Important Joining Option · The Effects of Adding Silver and Indium to Lead-Free Solders · Exploring Different Brazing and Soldering Methods · Induction Soldering Gets Maglev Vehicle on Track · How to Choose Nickel-Based Filler Metals for Vacuum Brazing · *Development of a Multiline Laser Vision Sensor for Joint Tracking in Welding · *Effect of Buffer Sheets on the Shear Strength of Ultrasonic Welded Aluminum Joints · *Methodologyfor Parameter Calculation of VP-GMAW

Welding Journal - March 2009 March Online Reader
Laser Welding: It's Not Just for Metals Anymore · Using Hybrid Laser Arc Welding to Reduce Distortion in Ship Panels · One Machine Does It All for Laser Beam Welding and Cutting · The American Welder: Welded Sculptures Pay Tribute to Fallen Heroes · Optimizing Tungsten Electrode Performance · How to Choose Ergonomic Hand Tools · *Welding Gun Inclination Detection and Curved Fillet Weld Joint Tracking · *Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow during Electron Beam Welding of 304L Stainless Steel Alloy · *Metallurgical Investigation into Ductility Dip Cracking in Ni-Based Alloys: Part II

Welding Journal - February 2009 February Online Reader
In-Process Quality Assurance for Aerospace Welding · Current Technology in Welding Guns and Torches · How to Accurately Measure Fillet Welds · Optimizing Crash Resistance of Welded Aluminum Structures · Real-Time Crack Detection in Aerospace Structures · *Hyperbaric GMA Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel at 12 and 35 Bar · *Control of Longitudinal Bending Distortion of Built-Up Beams by High-Frequency Induction Heating · *Three-Dimensional Analysis of Molten Pool in GMA-Laser Hybrid Welding

Welding Journal - January 2009 January Online Reader
Examining the Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Steel Weld Metals · Making Better Gas Metal Arc Welds · The 2008 AWS Expo in Review · Pulsed Technology Increases Cladding Travel Speed · *A CCT Diagram for an Offshore Pipeline Steel of X70 Type · *Metallurgical Investigation into Ductility Dip Cracking in Ni-Based Alloys: Part I