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The NJC Celebrates a Decade of Service to the U.S. Navy as a MANTECH Center of Excellence
The Navy Joining Center (NJC) has been serving the U.S. Navy for ten years. Established in July 1993, the NJC is the Navy MANTECH Center of Excellence with a mission "to enhance life-cycle affordability and mission capability of critical Navy weapons systems through the implementation of materials joining technology." The impact of materials joining technologies pervades all segments of the Department of Defense as well as commercial industry. Joining technology is essential to the production and sustainment of the Navy's ships, aircraft, weapons, and advanced electronics that are the core of modern Navy forces, with a major impact on life-cycle affordability. Aircraft engines demand high-strength welded and brazed joints, often in exotic materials. Welds in the hulls and power plants of surface ships and submarines meet the highest standards of strength and integrity to withstand the rigors of ocean environments and hostile attack. Joining is also key to meeting Navy requirements for deployability, survivability, lethality, and stealth in new weapons platforms crucial to the Navy of the 21st century.

As part of the celebration of the Navy Joining Center's ten-year anniversary, a Materials Joining Technology Review and Open House was held at Edison Welding Institute on September 30. The Open House featured a keynote presentation by Dr. Michael McGrath, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for RDT&E. McGrath emphasized the importance of the MANTECH Program as part of the Navy's overall science and technology efforts and the need for continued development and implementation of manufacturing technology to support Navy systems that are essential to Sea Power 21. Lynn Torres, associate director for Industrial and Corporate Programs, and Adrienne Gould, acting director of the Navy MANTECH Program, provided insights into the current strategies within the Office of Naval Research to support development and transition of manufacturing technologies, including materials joining. Additional presentations described the materials joining technology requirements and current projects in support of manufacturing needs of the DD(X) Program, the CVN21 Program, and the J-UCAS Program. These presentations were followed by representatives from key industrial companies that supply the Navy's ships and aircraft. They discussed materials joining needs and challenges from an industry perspective. The event concluded with a tour of EWI and demonstrations of a number of new technologies under development.

The NJC develops, deploys, and disseminates emerging materials joining technologies of major benefit to the United States Navy, Navy contractors and subcontractors, and U.S. industry. Projects are established that reduce the risk of innovation while providing significant and timely improvements in the performance, quality, productivity, life-cycle cost, and availability of Navy systems. Projects may involve design, modeling, joining processes, automation, sensors and control, inspection, and repair of metallic and nonmetallic materials. The goal is to develop and implement technology that has immediate positive impact on manufacturing or repair operations at Navy facilities, contractors, and industrial sites. The NJC also performs rapid response projects, to address requirements that demand immediate solutions. The NJC disseminates project results and other joining information through the NJC Teaching Factory, which combines traditional technology transfer mechanisms with modern communication and information systems.

The NJC is operated by Edison Welding Institute (EWI), the largest industrial organization in the United States dedicated to materials joining. Supported by more than 200 U.S. manufacturers, EWI provides industry with a uniquely effective resource for innovation, developing and applying manufacturing technologies to improve product performance, producibility, and affordability.

For more information on the Navy Joining Center, please contact Harvey Castner at (614) 688-5000, e-mail