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  • Solidification Cracking and Analytical Electron Microscopy of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld Metals
    BY M. J. Cieslak, A. M. Ritter and W. F. Savage
    Published January/1982
  • Prevention of Chi and Sigma Phases Formation in Aged 16-8-2 Weld Metal
    BY J. M. Leitnaker
    Published January/1982
  • The Ferrite to Austenite Transformation in Stainless Steels
    BY G. L. Leone and H. W. Kerr
    Published January/1982
  • Fabricating Steel Safely Using the Electroslag Welding Process - Part II
    BY D. N. Shackleton
    Published January/1982
  • The History and Accomplishments of WRC/PVRC and Recognition of William Spraragen, the First Director of WRC
    BY K. H. Koopman
    Published January/1982