WJ Supplements - 2009


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  • A CCT Diagram for an Offshore Pipeline Steel of X70 Type
    A CCT diagram valid for the heat-affected zone of welded X70 pipeline steel was established.
    BY M. I. Onsoien et al.
    Published January 2009
  • Metallurgical Investigation into Ductility Dip Cracking in Ni-Based Alloys: Part I
    In this study both macroscopic mechanical and microscopic measures were quantified and compared for different combinations of filler metal and Ni-Cr-Fe alloys.
    BY F. F. Noecker II and J. N. DuPont
    Published January 2009

  • Hyperbaric GMA Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel at 12 and 35 Bar
    Tests showed excellent mechanical properties were achieved in underwater duplex stainless steel welds made under dry hyperbaric conditions.
    BY O. M. Akselsen et al.
    Published February 2009
  • Control of Longitudinal Bending Distortion of Built-Up Beams by High-Frequency Induction Heating
    The location and intensity of induction heat input were determined in order to mitigate longitudinal bending distortion of built-up beams during fabrication.
    BY J. U. Park et al.
    Published February 2009 Three-Dimensional Analysis of Molten Pool in GMA-Laser Hybrid Welding
    Analytical models of GMA and laser keyhole welding were merged to simulate hybrid welding and show the flow patterns of the molten pool.
    BY J.-H. Cho and S.-J. Na
    Published February 2009
  • Welding Gun Inclination Detection and Curved Fillet Weld Joint Tracking
    Welding current is used to detect gun inclination and deviation in a robotic system that produces a curved fillet weld.
    BY Y. F. Gao et al.
    Published March 2009
  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow during Electron Beam Welding of 304L Stainless Steel Alloy
    A three-dimensional model was used to calculate weld pool fluid flow patterns and their effect on weld geometry.
    BY R. Rai et al.
    Published March 2009
  • Metallurgical Investigation into Ductility Dip Cracking in Ni-Based Alloys: Part II
    The correlation of ductility dip cracking to a simulated thermal cycle helped evaluate microstructure and chemical evolution in four alloys.
    BY F. F. Noecker II and J. N. DuPont
    Published March 2009

  • Development of a Multiline Laser Vision Sensor for Joint Tracking in Welding
    Five laser lines provided the sensor sensitivity to precisely detect the joint in high-speed welding.
    BY K. Sung et al.
    Published April 2009
  • Effect of Buffer Sheets on the Shear Strength of Ultrasonic Welded Aluminum Joints
    Buffer sheets reduced the sticking between the horn and the parts to be welded.
    BY M. Baboi and D. Grewell
    Published April 2009
  • Methodology for Parameter Calculation of VP-GMAW
    Ways to overcome the arc instability of variable negative polarity and alternating current gas metal arc welding were investigated.
    BY L. O. Vilarinho et al.
    Published April 2009

  • Influence of Nanoscale Marble (Calcium Carbonate CaCOs) on Properties of D600R Surfacing Electrode
    The addition of nanoscale marble particles in the flux coating improved electrode arc stability, deposit efficiency, and wear resistance.
    BY B. Chen et al.
    Published May 2009
  • The Effect of High-Temperature Eutectic-Forming Impurities on Aluminum 7108 Weldability
    The circular patch test was adapted to evaluate the effect of impurities on cracking susceptibility of cast 7108.
    BY M. G. Mousavi et al.
    Published May 2009
  • Mathematical Modeling of Electrode Cooling in Resistance Spot Welding
    Based on modeling of resistance heating and heat transfer between electrode and cooling water, a new cone-fin design on the underside of the cap is proposed.
    BY Z. H. Rao et al.
    Published May 2009

  • Vision-Based Spatter Classification for Contaminant Detection
    A unique optical system was used to collect data on spatter to characterize its relationship with workpiece contamination in GMAW.
    BY G. Schwab et al.
    Published June 2009
  • Ductility-Dip Cracking Susceptibility of Nickel-Based Weld Metals: Part 2 - Microstructural Characterization
    The mechanism of ductility-dip cracking was investigated in Ni-Cr-Fe weld metals to better understand microstructural influences.
    BY N. E. Nissley and J. C. Lippold
    Published June 2009

  • Error Analysis of a Three-Dimensional GTA Weld Pool Surface Measurement System
    The accuracy of specular reflection of the weld pool as a method of measurement was established.
    BY H. Song and Y. M. Zhang
    Published July 2009
  • Ultrasonic Metal Welding Process Robustness in Aluminum Automotive Body Construction Applications
    Experiments were conducted to evaluate whether the angle of welding has a detrimental effect on an ultrasonically welded component.
    BY E. T. Hetrick et al.
    Published July 2009

  • Hybrid Laser Arc Welding of HY-80 Steel
    Power level, heat input, and preheat were investigated for their influence on the macro- and micro-structures of welds produced with the hybrid process.
    BY C. Roepke and S. Liu
    Published August 2009
  • Welding of Galvanized Dual-Phase 980 Steel in a Gap-Free Lap Joint Configuration
    The feasibility of producing sound welds in galvanized steel with a combination laser arc welding and gas tungsten arc preheating was verified.
    BY S. L. Yang and R. Kovacevic
    Published August 2009

  • Crack-Free Electron Beam Welding of Allvac 718PlusĀ® Superalloy
    Proper selection of preweld heat treatment resulted in crackfree welds.
    BY O. A. Idowu et al.
    Published September 2009
  • Mechanical Properties Characterization of Heat-Affected Zone Using the Small Punch Test
    The small punch test was used to evaluate how the mechanical properties changed within the heat-affected zone of a welded joint made of quenched and tempered steel.
    BY C. Rodriguez et al.
    Published September 2009

  • Transient High-Frequency Welding Simulations of Dual-Phase Steels
    Numerical and experimental simulations were used to improve the end joining of continuous-fed steel strip.
    BY R. Baumer and Y. Adonyi
    Published October 2009
  • Near Weld Interface Compositional Variations in Low-Alloy Steel Weldments
    This work models concentration gradients adjacent to the weld interface based on mass transport processes during solidification and cooling of the weld.
    BY D. B. Knorr and J. J. McGee
    Published October 2009

  • AI-to-Mg Friction Stir Welding: Effect of Positions of Al and Mg with Respect to the Welding Tool
    An investigation was conducted into the correlation of joint strength to workpiece position relative to the tool in friction stir welding.
    BY V. Firouzdor and S. Kou
    Published November 2009
  • Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Friction Stir Butt Joint Welded 63% Cu-37% Zn Brass Plate
    The applicability of using friction stir welding to join 3-mm brass plate is evaluated
    BY G. Qam et al.
    Published November 2009
  • A Novel Preweld Laser Surface Treatment for Enhanced Intergranular Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments
    The development of a laser surface treatment to suppress sensitization in the heat-affected zone is described.
    BY R. Kaul et al.
    Published December 2009
  • Steel Thermal Sprayed Coatings: Superficial Hardening by Nitrogen Ion Implantation
    Implantation of nitrogen ions in thermal spray coatings dramatically improved wear resistance.
    BY M. Belotserkovsky et al.
    Published December 2009