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- - By noremac (*) Date 06-18-2008 09:16
Hello all im Cameron, I came across this forum a few days ago, and have been busy reading nearly everything..hah.. theres some really good infomation on here its good to find a place like this with this sort of insight into the industry around the world,  im currently in the process of getting a Canadian work visa, ive always wanted to work overseas just see what its like and how everyone else dose things over the pond, originaly i was just going to go on a holiday to canada do some snowboarding and come home, but after alot of reading and things of that nature ive decided to put my skills to use and try and make my holiday into a way to make
In Australia im a fully trade qaulified boilermaker, been doing it for about 6yrs, and everywhere ive worked i have pretty much been the best in the shop at it, i build truck trailers and enquipment for the oil and gas fields, but have had a go at pretty much everything u can do in this industry, so i guess medium to heavy fabrication/consruction would sum up the area that I work in. What im wondering is, would there be any chance of being able to get a job in this industry while im in canada..? im pretty much willing to go anywhere and do anything, ive been reading on alot of canadian job sites and there seams to be alot of shortage for good welders with qaulifications, do you think its possible.? wat sort of hourly rate could i expect over there..? and considering im only 20 do u think people will take me seriously.?

(sorry if i posted in the wrong section)
Parent - - By tighand430 (***) Date 06-18-2008 12:21
Check out the oil sands in Alberta up around Ft. McMurray. One reason they can't get alot of welders is because the Canadian govt. is draggin their feet on allowing visas for workers. Atleast, that's how it's been going for guys I know in the US. Taxes is another thing. They take alot out on the check. Do'nt know for sure what the scale is for the non-union side but the union side is gettin about 30+ an hour Canadian. It don't matter how old you are. If you can make the test then you're in.
Parent - - By pipeliner01 (**) Date 06-19-2008 03:44
Well, I'll tell you what I think, I'm sorry that you (tighand430) may have had trouble getting a canadian work visa, it must have sent up red flags with our gov't when they saw that you probably aren't the type of fella that can duped into cheap labour and poor working conditions.  Dragging their heels?? that's just because you're not sponsored by a very large corporation that insists upon bringing in foreigners with very limited skills and terrible knowledge of safety practices in the modern world, and like I said before willing to work for peanuts.  All rantings aside I think it would be great if these companies would utilize workers from North America and the commonwealth before getting other foreign workers.  My advice to you (noremac) is to check with a couple of the unions here in AB and to see about the transferability of your qualifications. Tighand430, I'm kinda out of the loop on the whole union work situation but the last I heard UA local 488 was taking guys from out of country, so you might want to check out the site and call them.  I'm not sure how the boilermakers work in that capacity, never had any dealings with them.  Hope some of this helps.  Oh, and the tax thing, it's high, probably around 35-37% of gross on your check (not exactly sure haven't been on staff in a while).
Parent - - By noremac (*) Date 06-19-2008 08:42
hey, yeah thanks for the information il be sure to look into things abit more, im not even to worried about making big money just trying to make my holiday cost as little as possible by doing a yr or so of work..haha and i just want to see how other people are doing things, what do think the chances of me say just sending of my resume to a few work places that have adds going, and being able to get the job..? are these companies that desperate for workers..? im pretty confident in my abilitys to pass a welding test. the visa im applying for is a working holiday visa it only lasts for 2yrs and aprently its reasonably easy to get as long as u got a clean record and what not.

Parent - By tighand430 (***) Date 06-19-2008 12:01
Your chances are the best they could possibly be. There are un-manned calls numbering 50-100 everyday with local 488. Check out their website at:  Go to the dispatch for a B welder an look at the list. The companies are extremely desperate for hands. Yu'll probably have to take what they call the Red Seal test, or something like that, and csts, a safety course like OSHA 10 here. I got a clean record, work nukes every season. I just think that, well, hell, I don't know what Canada's problem is with US workers. Best of luck to ya on the working vacation.
Parent - - By makeithot (***) Date 06-19-2008 14:41
I doupt as an Aussie you will have any problem getting a work visa for Canada. As far as work there is tons of it and with your skills you will have no problem finding work. Never thought of Fort Mac as a holiday destination (Brrr) but I guess if you have never been their any thing is possible. Good luck and happy travels.
Parent - By tighand430 (***) Date 06-19-2008 15:41
Well, he did say he wanted to do some snowboarding. He'll have alot of that white stuff to play around on. Didn't think they had any/much snow down under.
Parent - By Northweldor (***) Date 06-19-2008 22:31
In addition to the advice above, you should contact the CWA at This is a similar organization to the AWS, and will be able to answer questions about transfer of your credentials, since they have the Austrailian Institute of Welding Technology listed as a related group.
Also, beware of promises too good to be true, since there are several goups and companies operating in the Fort Mac area that are victimizing workers. using the shortage of labor.
Parent - By tighand430 (***) Date 06-19-2008 11:49
I was trying to go thru with local 488. Had a go between with the business manager from Detroit, MI that was talking to the BM in Alberta. I know guys that are still waitin to get on up there but everytime they get closae, they got more paper work to do. It's sad when they can get a Mexican or Chinese guy working in a month but an American takes 6 months if you're lucky. Lockerbie and Hall supposed to be coming up with a fast track program with the Canadian govt. so they can get hand up there. We got all the welder work we can handle but the fitters aint got a big selection.
Parent - - By johnnyh (***) Date 06-19-2008 15:23
So you have 6 years of boilermaking experience and you are 20?!?! I wish I would have grown up in Australia.  They wouldnt let me start my apprenticeship until I was 18 here in the States.  Then again I guess it was a good idea to finish high school first.
Parent - - By bosruten (*) Date 06-19-2008 22:06
Try this.... or this   Good Luck!!
Parent - By noremac (*) Date 06-20-2008 10:39
hey thanks everyonve again ill be sure to check out all those links. well i actually started working full time as an apprentice at 15, but before that it was just weekend work and learning welding at high school. but after leaving school at 15 i did my four yr apprenticeship, and i still manage to make people who have been doing it thier whole lives look hopeless..haha as for my "working holiday" im going to do a couple weeks snowboarding at whistler, and after that as long as everything works out. il pretty much go anywhere or anyplace to get a job for the longest possible time.. thanks again/
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