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- - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 06-18-2008 13:06 Edited 06-18-2008 13:08
I am fixing to hit them up for a new turntable rig (currently we don't have one).  We need a table top job with a pedal, 4" jaws (opening) would be MINIMUM size.  One the would flip up 90 degrees would be sweet.   I can get by fine moving my parts around, welding odd positions, and having lots of tie ins ....but some of the other guys are *****ing we need one so.......

Whats your favorite one, recommended brand, make or what have you......I can search the internet too but I don't want to get a turd.
Parent - - By RonG (****) Date 06-18-2008 13:52 Edited 06-18-2008 20:12
Define MINIMUM size.

We have had K.N. Aronson Positioners (36" table #2100@90') in our shop for 20 years. They have a Butterfly foot pedal for direction. Great machines.

The Chucks are a seperate item we us old Lathe chucks.

We have others up to #10,00 but the above are the real work horses.
Parent - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 06-19-2008 13:13 Edited 06-19-2008 13:25
by minumum size I mean the largest diameter pipe we would directly fixture with jaws would be a 4" diameter tube.......after thinking on it a bit the largest item would be a 10" diameter I probably need table slots that go out to 12" to accommodate jigging that piece.    Everything will be super light (thin) alloy pieces so weight capacity is a non issue....size is...we need something fairly small....a 36" table would be overkill and a bit big for what we need.   However a variable speed pedal is very important....we want that very much, a fixed rate machine would be too limiting.  Being able to ground thru the unit instead of grounding thru the spindle is also a big plus.

Appreciate the replies!  I will do some looking on those.

Best Regards
Parent - By seganti Date 06-18-2008 15:33
ROTO STAR. We have a ton of these at work and they work perfectly, VERY hihg quality. If you google ROTO STAR you will find a ton of info
Parent - - By Kix (****) Date 06-18-2008 15:53
Pandjiris is a real good brand, but might be a bit pricey.
Parent - By PipeIt (**) Date 06-20-2008 16:51
We have a Pan also

We bought one made from Team Industries desinged and made by pipewelders that is sweet machine.
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