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- - By SHMTLWELD Date 03-06-2003 17:07
Can anybody answer a question about silicon bronze filler rod. I'm welding the corner of a sheetmetal box (18 ga crs.) After weld, the box goes out to be Zinc plated and then powder coated. I'm using the silicon bronze because its fast and easy to dress. However, I'm worried that there may be some sort or chemical reaction between the Zinc bath and the silicon and/or the joint failing in the powder oven. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks.
Parent - By colins (*) Date 03-11-2003 23:35
I think what might give you some confidence in the resistance of the joint to the Zinc bath and the powder coat oven, would be to perform a small mock-up of the joint using the filler material mentioned and then ask the zinc coater and powder coater companies to zinc coat and powder coat the piece. If the test piece looks ok then i would go ahead and build the box. However, the joint detail should be given some thought beforehand, so as to ensure adequate strength and also minimize the possibility of gas entrapment which could weaken the joint.

Let me know how it turns out,

Parent - By rhoople47 (**) Date 03-12-2003 20:18
I have an idea that might work for you? Design the joint so it's not a corner to corner joint. Make the joint more of an edge weld and oxy-fuel weld it with no filler. Of corse I don't know what the joint looks like now, but do you see what I mean? Oh, and why not have it E-coated then powdered? Not sure what kind of adheasion problems you might encounter after time with the Zinc underneith. Let me know how things turn out.

Parent - By jer (**) Date 03-16-2003 04:16
I question why you don't use mild steel filler, I use silicon bonze when welding on galvanized material. I think that you can not be saving that much time with it.

J P Streets Welding
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