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- - By yammahoppy Date 04-07-2003 22:58
hello boys, i am brand new to the welding trade and have a couple of questions.

1. i have a clarke 130en. when i ran it on flux core .035 it made the "frying bacon" sound. now i have converted it to gas .23 wire and no more frying bacon sound. makes a more of a buzz sound?

2. sometimes the bead will pop and it has little air bubbles in it. i am using 75/25 mix gas.

hwne i have som more ? i will let ya know.


Parent - - By CHUB380 (*) Date 04-07-2003 23:06
Make sure you change your polarity on your gun when you change over to gas Chub
Parent - By yammahoppy Date 04-07-2003 23:29
yeah i did that and it welds fine just sometimes i get the poping and the bubbles in the bead. it is not a splatter but more of a pop. i am running the gas at between 3-6 clh. wire speed seems ok to me. not pushing the gun or anything like that.

Parent - - By Michael Sherman (***) Date 04-08-2003 11:49
It seems you have things just about exactly backwards. Most fluxcore wires operate in a spray transfer type mode = no bacon sounds. Short arc mig - bare wire, low volts and low wire speed = bacon sound. Not all fluxcore wires run on DCEN, about half of them run on DCEP, check with your supplier or post the wire you are using here. The problem you are having with your bare wire is probably porosity. Check your gas flow rate, slow down your travel speed, clean your material better and pay attention to your electrode angle. Too severe of an angle will create a venturi effect and pull atmosphere into your molten puddle. Too fast of travel speed will not allow gases to escape.

Mike Sherman
Parent - By Dirtrider (**) Date 04-08-2003 13:10
Is his gas flow rate too low?? I'm new to this too with my millermatic 175, but I think I am around 20 cfh. I know when I forgot to turn the gas on once and made a weld it as a mess. It did weld, but it popped & spit and pitted the weld. Just a thought. Also if you're welding outside or with ANY breeze it will need more sheilding gas too.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / basic MIG ?'s

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