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- - By kk_chiong (*) Date 04-08-2003 16:01
Is there any one who can provide some details regarding wear resistance plate (sometime people call compound plate or composite plate) whereby one side of the plate is normal steel plate and another surface is welded with hard facing material (e.g. Chromium carbide materials). Wish to get information about the application of this wear plate in fabricating impeller fan or blower fan blades. Any one has further data or experience, please discussed. Type of joint, Type of weld and type of joining materials to be selected.
Parent - - By colins (*) Date 04-08-2003 18:29
I read your posting and started thinking about your problem. Look at the Haynes international website under Corrosion resistant- wear resistance.
Look in particular at the Ultimet alloy which is a 54 % Cobalt alloy designed for corrosion and wear resistance. It would probably be a good place to start.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Colin :)
Parent - By kk_chiong (*) Date 04-09-2003 15:20
Thanks Colin,

I think you had post your advice under the wrong title. But it is a good start to begin. I plan to try out the cobalt base materials but still lack of confidence of its application. Could you be kind enough to advice your past experience working with stellite materials. I heard that these cobalt materials is very sucessful in repairing the salt mining drilling component. Anyone that had further inform to discuss further on the stellite application? Please advice or contact me personally.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Wear Resistance Plate

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