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- - By concutter Date 03-25-2003 23:56
We have a laser welding process on steel and Cobalt that runs hot and deep. We have not been using a shield gas for some time, but the issue of whether or not we should be keeps coming up. Are there benefits to a shield gas, namely Argon, other than the appearance factor? Does it reduce spatter? We aren't interested in appearance nor hermetic welds, we are after weld strength. Would a shield gas assist in this?
Parent - - By Stijn Date 04-08-2003 17:18
I'm working in the automotive industrie, and what I know about that topic is that the use of Argon doesn't really improve the weld quality.

At this moment we are building the new installation to build a new type (new VW Golf) and we use a lot of laserwelds. In the Group were some tests with and without Argon. The weld quality didn't improve verry much.

But some say that it had been improved and some say not...
Parent - By concutter Date 04-11-2003 18:41
Thanks Stijn! We had found in the past that a cover gas didn't seem to affect strength much either, mainly appearance. But we have been at our wits end trying to figure out our weld problem. Nice to see someone else who hasn't seen much benefit with a cover gas. We are now thinking it may be a contaminant in our materials. I'll write another post regarding that issue. Thanks again for the input... always appreciative!
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / How Critical is Shield gas??

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