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- - By travislmcqueen Date 04-16-2003 22:24
Ive been asked to make a WPS for welding A-20 to A-20, and A-20 to a P1 material. First off, the only thing I can find on A-20 is in ASME sec. II, where, in that section it lists about 50 different types of plates for pressure vessels. I've been told that it is inconel but cannot find any pertinant information. Anyway, the spec calls for 625 wire on inconel plate. Is this o.k. to use on the P1 to inconel also? I spoke with Speacialty Metals and they suggested using Inco-Alloy's 82dh or 82 ap. Can anybody provide direction.

Parent - - By R. Johnson (**) Date 04-17-2003 16:24
ASTM A-20 is a specification governing general requirements for Pressure Vessels steels. I think you are talking about Alloy 20 which was orignally Carpenter Stainless 20Cb-3. This is a 32 to 35% nickel material, you might look at ASTM B-463 for plate, strip and sheet materials or B-464 for pipe. ASME classifies it as a P-45. I do not have any information on electrode selection for welding to a P-1 material.
Parent - By travislmcqueen Date 04-20-2003 00:00
Thank you. That should help me.
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