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- - By korety_k Date 04-16-2003 04:00
What is the chemical composition of the coated electrode 8018-B6?
Parent - - By chall (***) Date 04-16-2003 11:37
C: 0.05 - 0.10
Mn: 1.0
Si: 0.90
P: 0.03
S: 0.03
Ni: 0.40
Cr: 4.0 - 6.0
Mo: 0.45 - 0.65
(single values are maximums)
Parent - - By korety_k Date 04-17-2003 07:21
How is it different from the E502-xx grade of electrodes. For welding of 5Cr 0.5Mo grade of steel can 8018-B6 be used. Is there any difference in the application of this electrode.

Parent - - By GRoberts (***) Date 04-17-2003 14:42
E502 is just the old classification for 8018-B6. Other than their AWS classification, they are interchangable. AWS switched these electrodes from A5.4 to A5.5 where they should have been to start with as they aren't stainless steel.
Parent - - By korety_k Date 04-18-2003 03:48
Conventional classsification of the electrodes has the last two digit for the distinguishing between the position and the coating of the stick, the balance 2 or the 3 digit did tell about the minimum tensile strength of the bead. For 502 grade it is 60 ksi whereas for 8018 it is 80 ksi as we all know. Has there any change in this grading pattern.
Parent - By GRoberts (***) Date 04-18-2003 20:12
I was using the 8018-B6 classification a little bit too loosely, I should have been saying 80XX-B6 as AWS A5.4 does not have a -18 classification. But there haven't been any changes in electrode naming conventions recently. Thanks for pointing out the strength diffenece though, I hadn't noticed that before. But I do think you can substitute 80XX-B6 for any application for which E502-xx was previously used. AWS A5.5 says "The E8015-B6 and E8015-B6L electrodes were formerly classified as E502-15 in AWS A5.4-81, Specification for Covered Corrosion-Resisting Chromium and Chromium Nickel Steel Welding Electrodes. The E8016-B6 and E8016-B6L were formerly classified as E502-16 in A5.4-81. The 8018-B6 and E8018-B6L were not formerly classified but were produced to the E502 composition ranges in A5.4-81 but with the EXX18 covering of this specification."
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