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- - By syedimran Date 04-24-2003 11:00
Just for my education: Can we use 2 mm welding electrode E-316 (used in SMAW) in place of ER-316 after removing its coating for GTAW application.
Parent - By Wildturkey (**) Date 04-24-2003 12:01
not real shure about the answer on this one.....i know i have done it at the house with carbon electrodes.....but as far as production welding is concerned it may not be the best choice....the two electrodes have different AWS numbers and this alone may not comply with the contract documents
Parent - By R. Johnson (**) Date 04-24-2003 12:05
I would not do it. Some of the alloying elements may be in the flux coating. While all of the alloying elements are in the bare wire. So if you remove the flux, the deposited weld metal may not contain everything that an ER316 electrode should have in it.
Parent - - By kk_chiong (*) Date 04-24-2003 16:19
Another option that works well is using MIG wire of 316 stainless steel to apply with the TIG welding process. Because both welding materials is free from flux coating. We have try to use MIG wire in TIG welding process. It work great.


KK Chiong
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 04-24-2003 16:27
I agree with kk about the use of the same grade GMAW wire for use with GTAW.
John Wright
Parent - - By sparx (**) Date 04-28-2003 19:28
It is unadvisable to clear the flux off of a welding rod to use for a tig application (especially with SS)... most of the welding rod manufacturers do not use a stainless steel core(rod ) when producing the electrodes. the core is usually a low carbon steel and the stainless properties come from the flux....I think Sandvik uses actual stainless cores, but I don't know for sure, and I am not sure if the core is 316, or a lower grade stainless with the flux having the properties required to produce a 316 filler material....the best idea, other than using tig rod, is to get a roll of mig wire of the designation you need..
Parent - By GRoberts (***) Date 04-28-2003 20:03
Hi Sparx,

If a SMAW electrode has a core wire that is substantially different than the weld deposit, such as mild steel, the electrode will be classified as either a EXXX-25 or EXXX-26. The electrodes classified as EXXX-15, 16, 0r 17 do have stainless steel core wires, but a lot of manufacturers only stock a few grades of wire and make the rest of the alloy up in the coating as you suggest. 304L is probably the most common core wire, and as it is drawn down in diameter and cold worked, a lot of it transforms to martensite, which is magnetic. Some people mis-interpret this as being not a stainless steel core wire. The -25 and -26 electrodes do have the advantage of being able to carry higher currents though, and thus higher deposition rates, but are only recommended to be used in the flat or horizontal positions.
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