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- - By jr1 (*) Date 02-26-2009 16:26
Looking at a Bobcat locally. Wondering what your opinion is on engine hour life? I am on top of sceduled maintenance myself, and don't put off repairs, so anything I own, is well cared for. When it goes out, I expect wear and tear, but not abuse or neglect. I know that isn't the norm for most stuff. There are exceptions to the rule here (a lemon or super lucky), so I'm only talking about the average gas Kohler or Robin type engine. It seems that many people are selling their units at 1500 to 1800 hrs, and going with new units, unless they jump up to diesel? What is your thoughts here?
Parent - By uphill (***) Date 02-26-2009 19:57
I have seen those engines go 2200 -3000 hours with proper care and very regular servicing. Most of the time they have a major failure from overheating or no oil. When they start to have major blowby and develop leaks they are on the way out. The problem is the rpm, the 3600 rpm is hard on those engines. I have a 20 year old AEAD that has burned oil for 4 years on a service truck at work. One day someone wont check the oil level and that will do her in. The newer bobcats are very durable and it does depend on the type of engine. I like the Kohler but a few people sure like the Onan, sort of Ford vs Dodge thinking. I havent been around the robins so no opinion here.

Best of luck
Parent - By welder_Bob (**) Date 02-26-2009 20:15
The people I know that have the Miller and Lincoln welders, with a Kohler engine, that work in the construction field (building trades) consider them a disposable welder.  They take good care of them but since they weld with big rod and big wire all the time and don't keep them past the 3 year warranty and they usually have between 2.5k to 3k hours on them and the engine is real tired.

Now the farmer the lives down the road from me has a Ranger 9 with a Kohler engine that look and runs and welds like new with a little over 4k hours on it, but he only runs 1/8 6011 with it.

So I would say it's like anything it just depends how hard you run it.
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 02-27-2009 02:06
I asked this question a while back on this forum, seemed that 3K-4K hours with proper scheduled maintainance was possible. As the others have mentioned, it depends on how much of the time is at idle, and how heavily loaded when at 3600 RPM. These machines need about all the engine power available for full output, and I don't think there is 4K hours of full output of life in one of those engines.
Parent - By jr1 (*) Date 02-28-2009 04:22
Thanks for all the input. I agree with everyone. One of the guys that I know sets  structural steel. He said that he sells his Bobcats at 1500 to 2000 hrs, and gets new ones. This point in use, seems to give them good reliable use, yet get a decent return on the old machines, before problems start. They work them pretty hard, yes larger rods, and sometimes go over on scheduled maintenance. Not sure if I will go with a used unit or go with a new one. It doesn't have to happen right away.
     Not much has changed from the old days. Grandpa used to say, take care of the horses, and they will make you money, and rub them down a little, before you leave the barn. Taking care of your equipment is important. Thanks!
- By quangvietmk Date 07-30-2020 02:48
Dear all you guys.
I am a newbie here and I got a problem and I do not know how to solve that. I hope you guys can help me with some idea.
My boss wants to test a new type of welder machine and give him feedback about " how is good of that welding machine ". like
- How is stable of ARC
- Welding machines can make good welding visuals.
- etc...
I am so confused about what is critical acceptance of the welding machine. I check with some catalog or manual of Lincoln but do not have mention about that.
Can all you guys give me any idea about that? :cry::cry:
Thank you so much
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