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- - By weldlion (*) Date 08-08-2009 00:27
Am thinking about buying some phillips alloweld welding glass to try it out has anyone any expierience using these lenses and are they any good? Dont want to jump into buying one if they are not that good
Parent - - By John Smith (*) Date 08-08-2009 16:18
I bought their "green shade" for $1.50 and was really impressed; it is actually a blue view like a American Optical. The Alloweld lense is made for acetylene welding only I believe because in only comes in shades 8 and below.
Parent - - By weldlion (*) Date 08-11-2009 22:51 Edited 08-11-2009 22:54
I will have to get some of the green and gold shade ordered to see what they are like myself, on the website it says the alloweld is designed for aluminium welding although i think a shade 8 would be too light for GTAW aluminium myself, maybe ok for thin sheet like 1/8 and down, wish they would start making weldcool lenses again i hear they were very good 
Parent - By Root Pass (***) Date 08-16-2009 14:17
They will make the Alloweld in any shade you want just ask them. I got a #11 and love it, Funny, they made mine a 1/2 too long also I sent it back and had it in two days. Their regular $1.50, lens are NICE!
Parent - - By najabat (*) Date 08-08-2009 22:38
I have tried the phillips athermal welding lense # 11 i really liked it  was not like the american optic it was like a grayish green it was pretty clear  and really cheap at under 2 dollars the only thing i didnt like was that it didnt have any marking on the glass itself it didnt say#11 or athermal it was also 1/4 inch to long i had to take it to a glass place and they cut it for me it measured 2x 4 1/2 well besides that thats my favorite lense now it replaced my ao #12
Parent - By JeremyW83 (***) Date 08-19-2009 01:47
Anybody know any LWS that carry these around the Dallas area?
Parent - - By thewelder (***) Date 08-19-2009 18:39
the phillips athermal welding lense are good, I bought 10, 11, and 12 just to test it and for tig is good the # 10 and for stick #11 is good, I'm not doing any flux core just yet, the lenses are green but "clear enoff for you can see the pudle really good with no "orange"  or "yellow" flare. I'm happy with it,  
Parent - By weldlion (*) Date 08-20-2009 01:23
Yea i ended up ordering some green shade 10s from their website and just recieved them in the post today but havent got a chance to try them out yet because im out of argon gas at home (it costs a fortune here in the uk) and ive 2 weeks holiday from work at the minute. Am fed up with using automatic screens with them turning clear when i dont want them too due to forklift beacons and low amp tig work although the best automatic screen i have used would have to be the speedglass 9002d . With my job at the minute im welding stainless shd 10 purged pipe all day long so i prefer the lighter weight and the extra protection from the fixed shade lens well i will let you know what i think when i get round to using them 
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