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- - By rangerman9389 Date 08-19-2009 18:48
i need some help guys, i have a 79 miller trailblazer 44g with a f163 with a prestolite dist. on top. she got a bit of a sputter in her wether shes ideling or up at weld rpm. i've done points, condensor, cap, rotor and plugs and none have seemed to help. any ideas? i'm going to try some plug wires here shortly. also i have been through the carb and everything seemed clean to start with. though one thing that puzzled me was that i could turn the air mixture screw all the way in or all the way out and it didn't affect the way it ran at all. so that kinda leads me towards the carburetor? any ideas or opions would be great. thanks in advance

Parent - By tazmannusa (**) Date 08-19-2009 19:07
Compesson up to par on all cylinders?  Vacume leak on intake manifold ?
Parent - By FixaLinc (****) Date 08-19-2009 20:48
No adjustment says you have a leak or jets and passageways in carb still plugged up.  If it has Marvel Schebler carb the main power jet that needs to come out and see if the tiny holes in the side of it are open.  Use some carb cleaner or MEK, methy ethyl ketone to get the varnish cleaned out and use wire or torch tip cleaners carefully to clean all holes and passages out.  Don't drill or enlarge any of the holes just clean them.  Make sure have the right gasket on it between the bowl and upper housing not plugging up passages most carb kits come with more than one gasket.  Check compression and valve settings.  The Wisconsin Motors site has manuals for the Continental can download.  There are manuals on the Lincoln site also for Continentals and Zenith or Marvel Schebler carburetors.  Don't know what Miller has for them. 

A good one for many with engine problems to download off the Lincoln site is IM 129 "Trouble Shooting Gas & Diesel Engines" .  It's on page 2 will need Adobe reader from a free download to view it and others.

Continental L Head (flat head) engine manuals & TMD manuals.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / need help on a f163 rough running

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