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- - By bigrod (**) Date 08-18-2009 19:35
I have been thinking about putting a set of spacers on my rig.  I was just wondering if anyone had any pros and cons on using cnc aluminum spacers or the mild steel spacers.  I know the price is a big difference.  Has anyone had or heard of any problems with using the aluminum spacers?

Parent - - By Johnyutah (**) Date 08-18-2009 23:50
Don't do it not worth the risk.
Parent - - By bigrod (**) Date 08-19-2009 16:28
using the aluminum spacers are not worth the risk?
Parent - - By Johnyutah (**) Date 08-19-2009 17:16
Any thats why they have warnings about being for show use only. I will try and resize the pics of my ford when the spacers failed and post them it was never designed to be that way to much stress. Add the extra weight and wheel studs can sheer off or the spacers could fail I am not 100% sure what happened to mine because I couldn't find the spacer after.
Parent - By Twangfactor (*) Date 08-19-2009 23:37
I would really like to see those pics.  I'm kind of the old guy on the job and when the kids start talking about cheap ways to stuff big meats under their rigs they all want to do wheel spacers.  I tell them it's a bad idea as I've seen them fail if I had some pics I might get their attention.
Parent - - By patg (**) Date 08-19-2009 21:31
i run aluminium spacers on my rig, and it weighs over 11,000 pounds, not including the travel trailer. never had a problem with mine.
Parent - - By CK Welding (**) Date 08-20-2009 01:40
what are spacers and what are they for?
Parent - - By JeremyW83 (***) Date 08-20-2009 02:20
Spacers are for putting in between your rear wheels on a dually is so that you can put bigger meats. 
Parent - By Franz Date 08-20-2009 05:36
All I'm going to admit is that watching your duals pass the truck when you are towing a compressor, and head right toward a farmstand surrounded by 20 people ain't a fun moment.  You'd think 20 people could see a mounted 750 x 17 headed for them, especially when the truck is blowing hell out of a pair of airhorns.  They didn't.

It didn't turn funny till the Deputy handed me a ticket for having an insecure load.  He didn't notice the rear duals missing, and thought the tire fell off the truck.  He also didn't appreciate my questioning his IQ.

Spacers quickly hyperstress the wheel studs when the inside dual is at lower air pressure than the outer dual.  Them studs sound a lot like popcorn when they let go. 
Parent - - By RatherBHuntin (**) Date 08-21-2009 01:01
Hey BigRod, You don't need spacers to run bigger tires. I'm running 37x12's; I think there's a 1/4" spacer for the leaf springs but I don't have spacers. Been running for a year and a half like that. You just air the tire up half way then put it on there, tighten the bolts up snug, air it up, then tighten it with an impact, make sure it's touching all around and you'll be good. Make sure you let the air out before you take the tire off or on the last bolt, you'll strip the threads.
Parent - - By bigrod (**) Date 08-21-2009 02:19
but i thought that u were never supposed to let the duals touch???
Parent - By weldwade (***) Date 08-21-2009 07:48
Never let the duals touch! would you put your lit tourch next to your tire? Wheel spacers are only for show. Safety is the reason period! IMO I will not risk my life or others not to mention screwing up my truck or trailer if the wheel studs broke.
Parent - - By RatherBHuntin (**) Date 08-21-2009 20:04
I drove my truck for over a year and a half like that, it was like that when I bought it. I drove it from Florida to Enid, OK and back with no problems. And every day since then, still no problems.
Parent - - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 08-22-2009 02:12
What do the sidewalls look like where they rub?
Parent - - By Northweldor (***) Date 08-23-2009 13:09
Also, what happens to torque specs., which are very important dealing with wheel studs, if the above instructions are followed?
Parent - - By Dualie (***) Date 08-26-2009 05:14
I have seen enough wheel/hub failures on stock trucks to not want to risk making it worse by adding more leverage to the problem.   Also seen enough tires trashed by the sidewalls rubbing together going down the highway.
Parent - - By KFab (**) Date 08-27-2009 02:39
i just had some 2 inch wheel spacers custom made for my truck im running 285/70/70 i have  a little over an inch and a half gap.  but i havnt added my machine to my truck yet.  iam sure i could go bigger and it is about not letting the wheel side walls touch.. i also heard that some trucks come with stock spacer on the front for there duallys duno about that... just dont buy cheap ones.  iam doing a dually conversion and bought everything for 800. they look nice got them in today i think the spacers were like 160 a piece. ill post pics soon.  i got mine at   they have been very honest with me and even called me when they screwed them up.  ... if u have any questions fire away.. i put them on today.
Parent - - By bigrod (**) Date 08-27-2009 04:40
thats the same place that i was looking at them at, but i was gonna get the steel ones though
Parent - - By KFab (**) Date 08-27-2009 13:43
i paid 95 bucks a spacer...  they look really good visually and structurally.   hay do you have a white rig and have you worked in brady.
Parent - By bigrod (**) Date 08-27-2009 16:42
i do have a white rig but i have never been to brady tx? i am assuming...
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