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- - By graveyhog (*) Date 08-20-2009 02:05
Good afternoon to all you out there in the welding arena. I just got some very interesting news of some possible people maybe making copies of good old CWI cert. I know the person that told me this has no reason to lie. I kind of now the two people that the person is talking about. I think that they would try to pull this off if they think they can get away with it. The good thing is that the person making copies can’t keep his mouth shut. So I hope everybody here at the forum agrees with what I’m doing is that AWS might want to look in to this our maybe not. AWS might want to check these people out around the south part of the Carolina’s around Summerville. They might not be able to do nothing. But its’ not right for them to get away with this and should be dealt with. Just think about it’s like he’s stealing work from me, because I’m an independent contractor. I don’t like it. I had to put a lot of time and money in these certifications CWI/CWE, MT, PT, and handful of other certs.If you feel that you need to copy these cert.  to gain jobs than this is why I  am becoming a “RATT” to get this resovled.Becuse if you’ll do this there  isn’t no telling what kind stuff you would let go on a job or whatever and get someone killed out there .What does the forum think of this situation. What would you do!
Parent - - By Mikeqc1 (****) Date 08-20-2009 02:08
Parent - By pypLynr (***) Date 08-20-2009 02:58
That sounds like ' falsification of documents' ,doesn't it ? I smell JAIL TIME ! If I'm correct ... that is a felony . Those two guys will become 'Bubba's b*tch' !!!
Parent - By jrw159 (*****) Date 08-20-2009 13:44

Parent - - By Pipeslayer (**) Date 08-20-2009 14:05
What have you seen to make you think that this has ocured. I work in this area frequently and would love to know who these guys are and where they are. If you'd like PM me. You can bet if this is true they are taking food off someones plate. I ran into this a year ago. Give me more info and I'll follow it up. jrw159 took care of the issue a year ago. they are in my area and I'd like to know
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 08-20-2009 15:46
I would recommend calling the AWS certification department in Miami (toll free 10800-443-9353) and ask them what information they need to pursue the matter. I'm sure they will want names and locations, but it is best if you can supply all the information they need to go after the bums.

If they are not CWIs, AWS will probably issue a cease and desist, but if they don't stop their felonious ways, AWS could pursue different avenues.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By ross (***) Date 08-20-2009 20:46

I can't help with this on the forum, but please call the Cert Dept. with details.

800-443-9353 ext 273.


AWS Marketing
Parent - By johnnyh (***) Date 08-20-2009 21:03
keep us updated
Parent - - By BryonLewis (****) Date 08-20-2009 23:06
Turn 'em in but kick 'em in the nuts first.
Parent - By graveyhog (*) Date 08-21-2009 03:34
I did get some information again today from my resources that they are not working in the Carolina’s but are in the ship yards up in the Virginia area .There homes area is in the lower part of the  Carolina’s but still be looking for them .There is a couple jobs down around  South Carolina. I want thank everybody in particular  the gentlemen from the AWS  Ross  from marketing .I was doing this threw the forum to do exactly  what I knew would happen and get a bite from someone from the AWS  office for some advice on how this could be dealt with and not disclose personal information. I do appreciate everybody’s input and advice, but I believe Ross & AL have hit the nail. I don’t write in the forum very much, but I do read just about every day of what the forum has to offer, and it is very interesting and resourceful in many ways. I want to thank you for that bit of info and phone # to the office and see if I can help them in this situation. I know one thing if you fellow CWI’s, welder’s, and fellow  construction hands if you run in of a couple guy’s with certs that have the same name, expirations date, and cwi #  tell someone and see if they check out on the cwi quick check. I will keep you guys and gal’s out there posted of what is to come of these CWI bandits.
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