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- - By zincsvtcobra (*) Date 08-19-2009 22:04
How much should a pipe welder make per hour?  I'm starting back to welding school for pipe welding and was just wanting to know how much i should make after i finish school.
Parent - - By aevald (*****) Date 08-19-2009 22:20
Hello zincsvtcobra, I believe you could receive any number of responses to your question. I believe geographical area will have a great influence on the answer. Union vs. non-union will certainly make a difference in many cases. Type of industry and application for pipe welding could play a large part: process piping, pipelining, in-shop pipe fabrication, onsite fabrication, steel or exotics, I believe you get the idea.
    You may wish to be more specific as to your locality and your specific target(s) as to type and application of pipe welding. There are folks who frequent the forum from all over and of a vast array of applications. They can likely provide more specifics at that time. Best regards, Allan
Parent - By zincsvtcobra (*) Date 08-27-2009 20:58
well im planning on moving from florida and all im wanting is working and being able to come home everynight!!!!!!!!!!!  Is this to much to ask or will i HAVE to travel?????????
Parent - By mightymoe (**) Date 08-19-2009 22:27
on Career jobs pay between 18 to 25/hr.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / pipe welder

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