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- - By DavidP66 (*) Date 08-06-2003 13:38
I dont have my code book with me and I needed a quick answer.

Is it excepted to inspect weldments after they have been dipped in hot galvenized coating? I know you can do it with one coat of primer/paint.

thank you
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 08-06-2003 13:58
Hi Dave,
I looked briefly through the 2002 D1.1 and didn't see any reference other than to Inspect per Table 6.1 "Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria".
I personally like to inspect the materials when it returns from the galvanizer. This is when you can find "cope cracks" and welds that may not have been totally sealed and "started to" or "may have" torn during the dipping/pickeling processes. Plus the shiny surface shows up all sorts of defects you might not notice before.
I don't always get the luxury of inspecting the material after galvanizing, due to it being shipped directly to the job from the galvanizer.

Maybe someone else will find reference to inspecting after dipping, but I didn't in my brief search.
John Wright
Parent - - By CHGuilford (****) Date 08-06-2003 16:35
I don't believe you will find that D1.1 says to inspect welds after galvanizing. Section 5.30.2 tells us that welds shall not be painted until they are accepted. which I take to mean any kind of coating that would obscure the weld surfaces. So inspection must take place prior to coating but not necessarily afterwards. (Contract documents might say differently, though)
However, as John pointed out, you could have cracks and so forth that are visible after galvanizing. So even if the code doesn't require inspection at that time, a crack is still a crack and knowing there is a good chance of cracking, I'd want to inspect again.
Realistically, we have a lot of material galvanized and shipped directly to the job site. I have to hope someone else is looking at the steel after galv because no one here ever sees it again unless there is a problem. But in those cases, the job site knows about it.

Chet Guilford
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 08-06-2003 17:04
I'm glad you pointed that out. I've been reading that paragraph to mean for you to keep paint off the joint until you weld it.
I'm on our paint department all the time for painting over the ends of beams that are prepared for field welding, and I had been quoting that para. to them on that, and did not read the part about "before weld acceptance".
John Wright
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 08-06-2003 19:09
Actually you have a 2-sided coin there John. 5.15 applies to welds not yet made and allows a thin rust-inhibitive coating on surfaces to be welded (provided it doesn't cause problems with welding). So that is really up to the person with the authority as to whether to paint field preps or not. (Of course we know that many people feel turning up the amps will burn through anything and they don't want rust bleeding all over their nicely painted steel.)

5.30.2 applies to completed welds prior to acceptance.

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