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- - By - Date 05-11-2000 00:46
I'm a production AC-GTAW welder working on thin guage alum. bicycle tubing for a min. of forty hrs./wk. I'm wondering if there is a way I might be able to cut down the interference of electromagnetic radiation from my Miller Syncrowave 250 machine,to better receive on my walkman, FM radio waves in the workplace? Possibly ground the machine to an earth set ground rod?
Parent - - By - Date 05-12-2000 23:42
bruce, it haven't built a frame in a long time.............
i will be interested when you get a response. my pal jeff posed the same question this week. "man, the syncrowave makes my cd player skip! what's up with that?" maybe one of those grounding straps that electronic techs use at their bench will help. now i am curious.
who do you build for? i got out of the business just as suspensions hit.
Parent - By - Date 05-19-2000 02:07
Greg, I have tried adjusting the HF on the machine but that only does so much... thanks for your response. I'm trying the approach of grounding the machine, bench and surrounding structure to an earth ground. You might tell your friend Jeff to put his disc player on the back of his chair in a pouch or in other words place himself between the machine/ workpiece and the disc player. This has stopped the skipping/stop of play that's been a problem in our shop. To answer to 'who I'm building for' I've been with Rocky Mountain Bicycle Co. for seven years. Cheers!
Parent - By - Date 05-13-2000 22:48
did you try adjusting down the high freq. intensity? the knob is under the door on the front pannel. greg
Parent - By - Date 05-14-2000 11:39
Yes an 8' copper earth grounding rod may may also find that you have to ground anything metal within 50' or so around your Sync. The metal will act like an antenna.(Take it in steps first the rod.)I had a problem like this with our computers.The computers had to be put on a upc(?) plug, but some radios in the shop still go wacky when we use high freq.You may be out of luck with a walkman.John B.
Parent - By Vadim Date 05-16-2000 07:02
I believe the inverter itself is shielded well and the most of radiation come from welding leads. Try to use a return lead of the same length as your TIG cable and put them both as close as possible all the way to the frame you weld. Obviously you can't twist them to form a true twisted pair (that would be an ideal solution), but minimizing the square of the loop formed by HF currents is usually helpful.
Parent - By - Date 07-30-2000 14:36
read your installation manual for the welder. This describes the problems
Ground everything that can be a conductor. check Your primary power for a proper ground to earth at the meter box outside the building.this ground must be connected to all the conductors you have grounded at and around you welder. using the conduit as a ground will amplify the problem, the conduit must be grounded seperately and if you have problems with computers radios stereos inside your shop try a power conditioner at the plug-ins. I was shutting down computers thru 2 block walls in a 40 foot radius of my welder.
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