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- - By bmaas1 (***) Date 12-21-2003 04:58
Does anybody have any idea on how to computerize the example welding forms in D1.1 to eliminate hand writing them and just use the Tab button to go thru them. Just like data entry.
I have Microsoft Works programs and Corel on my computer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Maas
Parent - By Niekie3 (***) Date 12-21-2003 21:34
Hi Brian

If you have MS word, or any other semi decent word processor, then you can achieve this by creating a table and using the tab button to move between cells in the table. If you do not like the lines everywhere, you can just hide the lines of the table.

You can also do this with MS Excel or any other spreadsheet. Here you can even automate the different cells to have drop-down boxes etc.

Hope this is the information you had in mind?

Niekie Jooste
Fabristruct Solutions
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 12-22-2003 11:49
HI Brian,
I used the form right out of the book. I scanned it into my "Omni Form" program and it converted it into a document that I edited to serve my needs. I can tab through just like you suggested. Like the MT inspection form, I took out the wet inspection , flourenscence and probe methods as we only use dry w/ a Parker Probe. You can move it all down on the page to fit your letterhead to further personalize it. I use that for my Welder Qualification docs too. I was looking at C-spec's program but this is doing what I need it to do for now. Neikie suggested Word or Excel, both great tools to use also. I had my UT form created in Excel and I draw my pictures in Autocad R13 and cut and paste them into my Excel document. AWS may even have these already in Excel or Word format, but I haven't seen them offered on their site. They used to have a program call Arcworks, but I couldn't find it last time I looked on Global's site. I think they discontinued it, my old version was a 98. Good luck with your docs, if you need some help, don't hesitate to ask.
John Wright
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 12-22-2003 19:23
I'm not sure about works or corel. What you would do wityh MS Word is called a "form Letter". This uses "Form Fields" in a document and can retreive data from an underlying data source. As far as the data entry goes I always use MS Access but any database program will allow you to put information into a data source.

If you are only interested in storing the individual procedures as documents without having the data storage capabilities of a database you can do the above without the underlying data source. With word you "protect" the document for "forms" and then the only place you can type data is in the form field.

Corel may have something similar to this but I am pretty sure works does NOT.

I hope this helps and I'll be glad to help you out. If you had MS Access I have a newer version of a database that may do what you need.

Let me know

Have a nice day

Gerald Austin
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