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- - By Jorge Giraldo (**) Date 03-03-2004 21:41
We are just working for the National Army of my country in order to determine the MIL A46100 steel weldability (produced by Temtco Steel). We have already defined the main properties of the steel but we need to obtain technical information about it wich is very rare here and hard to get it because the military application. I need names of books related with this issue or the ballistic performance of this kind of steels in order to buy them (also papers titles, proceedings, etc.). If some of you can give us some help about it I´ll be thank you.

Jorge Giraldo
Medellín, Colombia
Parent - - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 03-04-2004 07:20
Hi Jorge!
I do'nt mean to sound like a wise guy but, why can't you ask the Colombian Army or Temtco Steel for that information if you're doing work for them?
I'm sure that they would have that info available to anyone qualified and have the necessary security clearence by them do the work you're talking about...
SSBN727 Run Silent... Run Deep!!!
Parent - - By Jorge Giraldo (**) Date 03-04-2004 20:17
Hello SSBN727.
Perhaps I was too short in my initial introduction. We have already done the material characterization step in our laboratories (microstructural, SEM, hardness, impact and tension tests, RDX, chemical analisys, etc.) and we have some info from Temtco and the Colombian Army like Military Standards and papers edited by journals (Welding Journal, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Elsevier, etc.) in wich we have choose at least five filler metals applicable to weld the MIL A46100 with good ballistic performance (nothing too extrange really). However, as in every research work we never can to put our hands down in the information searching and I considered this site and its people like a possible source in order to get books names about this theme (we have no books related to).
Thanks for your reply SSBN727

Jorge Giraldo

Parent - - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 03-05-2004 00:07
You might want to do a search in this forum via the search feature located on top of the page in between (Help) and (Options). Before you type in the keyword: "Armour" - make sure that you change the number where it says: "Max. post age (in days)" to 999 and where it says: "Limit posts (max. 100)"... In some of these posts there are some links to decent websites that might help.

SSBN727 Run Silent... Run Deep!!!
Parent - - By Jorge Giraldo (**) Date 03-05-2004 14:50
Thank you SSBN727, I´ll do my search at the forum as you said.
Parent - - By Niekie3 (***) Date 03-06-2004 08:43
Hi Jorge

Have you had a look at the "Army Welding Handbook". I doubt that it will give you direct info about your material, but may give some tips that you have not considdered. The link is:

Niekie Jooste
Fabristruct Solutions

Parent - By Jorge Giraldo (**) Date 03-10-2004 14:39
Hi Niekie.
Thanks for your data. I found there a very interesting and usefull information for our project in the section VII Armor Plate Welding and Cutting wich is part of the Chapter 12 Special Applications. It has several techniques to cut and weld the armor plate and one or two filler metals suitable.
Thanks again for your info Niekie, it was very important.

Jorge Giraldo
Medellín, Colombia
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