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- - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-25-2013 18:53 Edited 02-25-2013 19:52
Anyone ever heard of Lotos Technology Plasma Cutters and Welders? Most of their machines are multi-process.

I've seen some of their machines on Amazon and eBay. Most of their reviews seem to be good, except for this guy on Amazon who only gave them 3 stars:

LTPAC2500 Lotos 5-in-1 250A AC/DC Aluminum Welder with 60A Plasma Cutter: $1,459

Their Products Page leaves me with the impression that their products are made here and repairs to the circuit boards are low cost.

I'm looking for a unit that I can do AC/DC TIG work with stainless and aluminum (like the one above does). Getting a Plasma Cutter in the deal would certainly be nice!

Since welding is not (currently) my main profession, I'd rather my purchase not break my bank account!
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 02-25-2013 19:00
That's alot of machine for the money!

I bet it's imported... But I don't care...

These imports put pressure on Miller/Lincoln/ESAB to produce equipment that competes!
Parent - - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-25-2013 19:51
The email I sent on their website last Friday finally got a response.

> We have a design center in silicon valley. So all machine are designed in ca and made by lotos china.

Naturally, I got that about 30 minutes after posting here.

I guess if Nissans and Hondas can be designed in Japan but built here, we should look favorably on something that is designed here but assembled there.

Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 02-25-2013 21:10
I look favorably on competition...

I've bought imported cars... but prefer a foriegn flag made in America

There is quite a bit that goes into what is "fair competition"  But for the most part I do think the U.S. can compete with overseas producers...  We do things better.

I'm willing to pay a decent fraction more for U.S. built stuff... But this particular combination of technology has been available everyplace but the U.S. for some time now.
Parent - - By Tyrone (***) Date 02-26-2013 11:37
Looks impressive.
Did you inquire about support if something breaks?

Parent - - By Northweldor (***) Date 02-26-2013 16:32 Edited 02-26-2013 21:10
Many states without dealers, and not many welding supply dealers, and they list mother board replacements on their website, all not good signs. I would phone the one nearest to you in Texas, try it out, and find out if anyone qualified is going to be still available, if you need repairs on their 5 yr. warranty in a few years.
Parent - By Stringer (***) Date 02-26-2013 23:30
If it's got cheap capacitors (and it does) then you'll have it fail sooner than later, I would expect. I do agree with the earlier post that Lincoln and Miller could use some competition.
Parent - - By Northweldor (***) Date 02-27-2013 23:24
Better check their warranty very carefully!
Parent - - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-28-2013 00:21
Their warranty seems to be spelled out clearly in their Warranty page, but that doesn't mean there isn't something else included in some fine print that isn't shown here:

* One year warranty starts from the date of purchase. It covers labor and parts, not shipping.
* For DOA (dead on arrival, must be reported within 5 days after shipment delivered), we will pay the shipping fee.
* If the machine is failed within one month (30 days) after purchase, we will pay the shipping fee back to customer after we repair the machine.  Customer pays the shipping fee to ship the machine back.

They've also got a page on troubleshooting linked in, too.

The LOTOS TIG200 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig/Stick Welder with Pedal and FREE  Helmet that I am mostly interested in has this down at the bottom of the page under the Warranty, Service and Parts section:

We consistently maintain a large inventory of consumables packages(electrodes, tips, cups, shields, etc.) which are available to our customers.

Please feel free to contact us during normal business hours at (408) 739-2329 or via email at

3 years Limited Manufacturer's Warranty is furnished with this product. This limited warranty covers both PARTS and LABOR at any Lotos certified repair service center. In the event of product failure or malfunction, the recommendations shall render the limited warranty void. This limited warranty specifically excludes any consequential and/or incidental damages. Lotos Technology has a complete dedicated service center for its line of welding and plasma cutting products. Our service center is equipped with state of the art technology which accommodates proper service and maintenance of these units.

I'm not trying to be the salesman for them, just wanted to know if anyone here had ever used the machine or knew of someone that owned one.
Parent - - By Northweldor (***) Date 02-28-2013 02:10 Edited 02-28-2013 02:13
I think you are a very suspicious inquirer, and I completely reject your last statement "I'm not trying to be the salesman for them, just wanted to know if anyone here had ever used the machine or knew of someone that owned one. " What is your connection to Lotos?
Parent - By jp2welder (**) Date 02-28-2013 02:13
LOL - just someone thinking about buying one.

Even though it is half what Lincoln and Miller machines run, it's still more than a freaking paycheck for me!
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 03-05-2013 22:50
I have a China import Stick/Tig/Plasma that is out of warranty, still runs, and cost about $500.00 3-4 years ago. I have loaned it out to my welding students to allow them to practice at hme and its still kicking. The Lotos brand was around then but didn't seem as popular at the time.

I would check other forums but with the thought in mind that the reputation for these imports may be exaggerated. But also some of it is well deserved.

There is a review of the small 140 amp machine at

and the multiprocess at

From what I understand there are multiple importers of these type machines.

Have a good day

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