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- - By danh43 Date 03-09-2013 18:30
Could any one of you ole timers give me some pointers on cwi jobs around the country?  I am a cwi use to work for a steel fabrication shop.
Thinking of doing some freelance work and see some of the country have trailer will travel. And should I seek mpt and dpt certs or ut for better earning potential ? Thanks

Dan  AWS cwi
Parent - - By Superflux (****) Date 03-09-2013 19:43
I've run down the roads Domestic and Internationally from these 3 sites for hmmmm... 90% of my gigs for 10-14 years now.
Just purdy much got my next expat gig from LinkedIn.   (This used to be known as Road Whore back at the turn of the century when I first started using the internet for work search...)

Ah ya mon... Certs be good!
Make sure your CWI is current. Any real job (That pays more than 30 clams an hour) is going to want to see that date on your card. I always insist on seeing an original in my hand if I am involved in the hiring. Not falling for some Photo Shop artistry...
Too many pure CWI's out there thinking that's all they need and then wondering why they can't rustle more than 25 clams an hour. Can you say Aerotek? Not putting them down 100%, I HAVE worked for them in the past and they still call me. Sometimes it's not all about the money but Location, location, location. Me, I'd just as soon get by OK in Wyoming than take that $100 an hour gig in Whiting Indiana that's been ongoing for a year or so now. I think they are about to wrap that one up and Swift is hiring for it but I do believe the rate has gone down lately to about 45/hr.

Gotta mix in a little NDE, maybe some API, ICC...
How ever many cards you can stuff in yer wallet's what's gonna get you the good job (better, PAY!) over the next "pure" CWI who has limited experience and nothing else to offer.
Go to Hellier or Biring or Whomever and expand your horizons. Yeah, it cost $$$$... but ya gotta spend it to make it.

Good luck
BTW, that ole timer thing is a kinda sensitive issue for me these days....... I prefer "Seasoned Veteran".
Parent - - By danh43 Date 03-10-2013 02:35
Thanks for the advice super flux . Sorry about the ole timer! all advice from a seasoned veteran is greatly appreciated .

Thanks Dan
Parent - By dbigkahunna (****) Date 03-10-2013 17:19
I used to laugh at those old farts.
Aint near as funny now!
- By 803056 (*****) Date 03-10-2013 06:11
Try looking here:

Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / Looking for cwi jobs

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