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- - By jsdwelder (***) Date 05-06-2013 17:06
Hi All,

I am working to AWS D1.6 and need to qualify welders to weld fillets and grooves and plug welds. My question is does a successful CJP groove weld qualification test qualify my welders to weld plug welds and slot welds? I see where 4.1.7 speaks to these welds being qualified by groove welds for WPS, but I do not see anything that references welder or welding operator qualification for these welds. Thanks
Parent - - By OBEWAN (***) Date 05-06-2013 17:58
What is the weld joint design?  Are they the same?  Don't the D1 codes consider joint design to be an essential variable?  That would be my main concern.
Parent - - By jsdwelder (***) Date 05-07-2013 16:30
4.8 covers variables for welder performance but I do not see anything referring to joint design
Parent - By OBEWAN (***) Date 05-07-2013 17:28 Edited 05-07-2013 22:17
I was not sure and did I not intend to mislead anyone.  I have not worked with the D1 codes much, and it has been a few years now.  But, the last time I worked with the D1 codes it was for an oil industry company, and I had to audit vendor PQR and WPS documents.  For these particular applications we always required the D1 joint designs to be described on the documents with all the appropriate details like the AWS joint number and/or a sketch. 

Some of the procedures listed multiple joint designs on the same process, so maybe only fillet or groove matter, as well as thickeness.  But, if your customer requries the details you will still need to list the joint design(s) on your documents.  I don't have a personal copy of the code to refresh my memory.  Maybe somone who works with D1 every day can clear this up for us.

And regarding your original question, it seems like the operators would be qualified if the procedures are.  I think it boils down to a case of one WPQ/PQR being able to cover more than one WPS.  But, it would be wise to list the different joints on the WPS or create a stand alone WPS for each different joint design.
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