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- - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 05-28-2013 15:28
With all the Bridges in America, They said 1 in 8 are under code.  Everytime a bridge collapses I wonder about it.  Are there any companies who need CWI's for bridge inspection? Whats the pay scale for a job like that?
Parent - - By 99205 (***) Date 05-28-2013 15:46
Here in Washington State that function is handled by Wa. Dot.  They have a Dept. whose sole job is to do all aspects of bridge inspections.  I suspect that would be the same in many other states.
Parent - - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 05-28-2013 15:57
Now just curious to add to that. When they have CWI's doing weld inspection on taller bridges how to they get him to all the nooks and crannies of the bridge?  like the top and underside?
Parent - - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 05-28-2013 22:27
HOLY CRAP! that last link way too crazy for me haha. I cant even stand the genie booms when i have to weld high up. Once that thing is fully extended I feel like its going to break, or the welds from a guy who makes minimum wage are going to snap off haha
Parent - - By ctacker (****) Date 05-29-2013 00:03
They have some that sit on the bridge roadway and do what I call a "reach around". they go over the side and bend back under the bridge for inspection.
I was just on one for the city of Tacoma a few months back, no WSDOT there.
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Parent - By MRWeldSoCal (***) Date 05-29-2013 14:07
that is totally crazy!!
Parent - By newinsp (**) Date 05-29-2013 00:11
There are a lot of bridge inspections going on here.  The companies doing inspection use units similar to these:
- By ipcbridge Date 11-08-2018 06:52
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Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / Any CWI's for Bridge Inspection?

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