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- - By Shinta0Saint Date 06-12-2015 15:45
Hello all, I had recently started working at a company and have been assigned the task of finding suitable welding database management software for performance and procedure qualification of welders. Currently we are using Excel which is proving to be limited. I found a link to a software called "WelderQual"
I would like to know if this software is recognized and suitable software for our intention as our company recognizes codes such as ASME (Section IX), API and AWS ).
Also, if someone could please recommend a suitable one for our intended needs.

Thank you,

Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 06-22-2015 22:41
If you are managing more than a dozen documents of any type, I strongly suggest a commercial application.

I have used full versions of the software from both Cspec and TWI. Both are very similar in user interface. There are some differences with some form content and database back end.

I strongly suggest you contact both companies and request a demo. I have worked for Cspec before and currently use TWI's software so my opinion may be skewed one way or another.

Also check out .

Here is a video showing the creation of a prequalified WPS using the software from Cspec.

There are also other options using other database applications and building your own (Not for the faint of heart), and some online services. is another. I have used there demo years ago and didn't care for it however some of these programs change rapidly and some do not. Check it out for yourself.

Gerald Austin
Greeneville Tn
Parent - - By SmartWeld (*) Date 07-17-2015 08:38
Have a look at If you are not looking to create WPS/PQR/WPQRs then you might find this cloud-based software useful to manage qualifications, documents & projects.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 07-17-2015 14:05
I had forgotten about this but was extremely impressed with how it worked.

I suggest checking it out. I think they can set you up with a demo account.
Parent - By OMI (*) Date 08-14-2015 09:41

May be I am late in responding.
I would suggest you to try WeldPulse software. Demo can be downloaded from
Apart from help you in database management for welding procedures, procedure qualification and welders qualification, it goes a long way with 12 others very powerful modules which help with day-to-day welding queries.
We have got WeldPulse Arc Edition for our Company use and it has been paying off quite decently. The biggest plus is its customization while you are maintaining your welding database. Company logo can be added, documents can be saved on easy to use WPS, PQR and WPQ forms with quick printing whenever required.
Parent - By weldingmanager Date 06-26-2018 17:25
Try Welding Manager
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / Recommendations for Welding Database Software.

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