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- - By PFI (**) Date 12-01-2015 13:18

I need some clarification on experience for a giving method. 

Total hours in method and total hours in NDT?   I looked on the ASNT website and they list both of these, for MT you need 265 in method and 530 in NDT.  My question this ... do you need both? either? I have years of experience in VT, does that count towards NDT total?
Parent - By In Tension (**) Date 12-01-2015 16:54 Edited 12-01-2015 17:05
You need to satisfy the hours in both the Method and Total columns.  If going towards an MT certification, documented hours performing VT would count towards Total hours.  For example, for MT, the requisite hours for both columns could be satisfied with 265 hours of MT and an additional 265 hours of VT for a TOTAL of 530 documented hours.  Both columns could also be satisfied with 530 documented hours of MT.  Any combination of NDE counts towards the Total column, including the experience you've already allocated toward method hours.
Things can get more complicated if you're attempting to fulfill the requirements for several methods at the same time.  Also keep in mind that for ACCP Level II you may take the exam prior to fulfilling all of the experience hours and accrue hours after the fact.  (This is not the case for Level III).  So if you plan to use multiple methods in the future you can save some travel time/expenses by knocking out several exams during one visit to an Authorized Exam Center.  I only recommend that strategy if you're confident in passing... taking multiple exams in a short period of time takes a toll on your brain and people tend to under-perform.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / ASNT experience question

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